June 30, 2016

Got iPad? Get Olive the Woolly Bugger and Chuckin’ Bugs app


Kirk Werner is a busy guy. He writes up his weekly drivel on the Outdoor Blog the Unaccomplished Angler. He is the Author of the popular Olive the Woolly Bugger series of kid’s fly fishing books. He is a graphic artist by trade and (I think) note worthy here — creator of the OBN Logo […]

Kickstarter Support: Olive the Woolly Bugger App


If you aren’t familiar with Olive the Woolly Bugger, than you should know, she is indeed an Outdoor Blogger in our OBN Directory. She’s also a fantastic character in a great set of Fly Fishing books for the little ones. Currently she has set out on a campaign to entice kids with a new technology […]