June 25, 2016

Got iPad? Get Olive the Woolly Bugger and Chuckin’ Bugs app

Kirk Werner is a busy guy. He writes up his weekly drivel on the Outdoor Blog the Unaccomplished Angler. He is the Author of the popular Olive the Woolly Bugger series of kid’s fly fishing books. He is a graphic artist by trade and (I think) note worthy here — creator of the OBN Logo that is seen all around the web.

Kirk now has a new project out that we are excited to announce.

From the Press Release:

Kirk Werner, author of the Olive the Woolly Bugger series of kid’s fly fishing story books, has just launched an app for the iPad that is based on stories from the popular print series.

Appropriate titled, Olive the Woolly Bugger, the app features two reading modes to accommodate a wide age range of abilities: fully narrated, or read by yourself. Also featured in the app are interactive pop-up screens to enhance the learning experience, as well as fun animations to further entertain readers.

The app also features a fun game, Chuckin’ Bugs, in which a charismatic crustacean, Lefty Crayfish, tosses buzzing bugs to feeding fish. The price for the app is $1.99, with discounts available for teachers.

Chuckin’ Bugs is also available as a free standalone app. There is a free version of the Olive app (Olive the Woolly Bugger Lite), offered as a teaser to entice readers to get hooked on flyfishing via Olive and friends.

If you have a little one in need of entertainment or if you’d like to try your own hand at Chuckin’ Bugs to earn your own gold star, then we hope you head over to any of the following links.

For detailed information about the apps, please check out this page HERE.

App descriptions are also available when you visit the App Store.

For Olive the Woolly Bugger, click this link.

For Chuckin’ Bugs 101, click this link.

Have fun and Congrats to Kirk!


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    Just wanted to let you know that at least one person saw this (me) and appreciates the shout :)

  2. 2
    silver account says:

    My 4 year old has all the olive books and absolutely loves this app! He loves the animations in the story that he can make move, and he thinks chucking bugs is great… Nice work!

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