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I am a non Nordic, recently digitised walker who rarely goes out without a map and compass and who likes to stop to enjoy the views sometimes. I have been doing day walks in my spare time for about 12 years in Northumberland and the borders starting with the Ramblers. Realising how much I enjoy walking I have gradually started doing more independent walking, and attempting distance walks and National Trails, sometimes for charity. I have also recently got a tent to use for distance walks & walking holidays.

Creating photo logs of the walks on my RucksackRose Youtube channel started as a way of cheering myself up during the cold, dark northern winters but some people might enjoy them & get some route ideas from them. I am not trying to take the place of the walking guides available but to give people an impression of what the route is like. I try to acknowledge where the walk routes come from but sometimes they are just passed on by word of mouth. I am still learning about the countryside and about walking so am always ready to listen.

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