If you’re looking for the typical fishing stories, then look somewhere else. Cause, we aren’t your typical fishermen. And maybe that’s because one of us isn’t a man at all. We don’t use a boat or a pier. We walk. We wade. We bum. We fish everything and anything. We are the Riverbums. Traveling through every American state and parts of Canada to fish any river we find, well, at least the ones that don’t go over our heads.

This is our story about a father and daughter who walk the rivers of the U.S. casting away and reeling in the fish. Our adventure is full of laughs, falls, and facts from the river to you!

We are RiverBums with a total of 65 and counting years of fishing experience under our waders. Of course, most of that time has been put in by Dad. His daughter on the other hand, AC, just received her fishing tenure after proving she can’t cast like the boys, she can cast better. Although they hail from Northern Illinois, their true homes lie at the bottom of every US river. By weekday, this duo is half recent grad corporate marketer and half one recently over the hill corporate VP. But by weekend, we are River Bums, setting out to walk the rivers in search of the perfect cast.


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