A journal of jungle adventures and experience.

A journal of jungle adventures and experience.

Learn and share the ancient knowledge of Jungle Survival and Bushcraft in JungleJournals.com. Me and my team thrive in putting our traditional knowledge to good use and practice it as modern outdoors men. Join us in our jungle adventures and visits to exotic jungle people and places.

My name is Aditya Veeraksana Veerak. Online, I’m also known as v_V.

I felt very lucky being raised in a very remote part of Malaysia in a traditional village life where every boy was required to be independent. I’ve spent much of my childhood under the canopy of the jungle surrounding my old house and years afterwards, I found myself missing the smell of newly cut grass after the rain, the sight of green and brown of the jungle and the sound of campfire crackling under the ‘dangau’ roof(traditional jungle overnight shelter). And then not too long ago, the unbearable modern life and the longing for the simple life again made me jump all and sundry into the world of jungle survival and bushcraft.

Since then I never looked back.

By having this website, I do not mean to undermine any gurus or any masters of bushcraft and jungle survival. But by doing this I simply wish to add to the value of their teachings as a modernized native of the jungle like yours truly nods to the truth in their teaching and willing to follow the improvements in this fields that they have pioneered. So first and foremost, my respects to the other experts of this field.

But alas, many gurus have many different ways and so did my very own – my father. As his father before him passed down to my father the knowledge and generations of experiences, he passed them down to me as I will pass to all of you and my children later. And because some teachings from my father are a little different from other experts, maybe we can share the differences.

I enjoy learning new things in this subject and I really appreciate new friendships but I also well and truly despise unnecessary arguments. I have seen many people argue bitterly to shove their points into each others’ heads only to know that each of their points are correct at different times and/or circumstances.

So friends, let’s share our knowledge and experience at the same time, in the spirit of bushcraft and survival – we’ll learn and understand not only our mother nature, but also each other.

Yours truly,


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