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2 Sergeants Fly Fishing is composed, yes, of two sergeants, well, former sergeants. As well as the sergeants we have a bunch of guys dedicated to fly fishing. The goal here is to offer fly fishing advice, tell of our adventures and most of all never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

We’ll fly fish for anything, of course trout but carp, gar, bass, redfish, permit, anything, we’ll fish for it with a fly rod. Carp, bass and Czech Nymphing have recently become popular topics of discussion and where our money seems to be going.

Many of us are on the pro staffs of various companies related to fly fishing. When we offer advice and in the case where we are being paid or compensated in any way by the company who manufacturers a product we are offering advice on, we’ll tell you. I do not like to ask someone, “Hey what do you think is the best 7 weight rod?” The guy tells me I think the best 7 weight rod is the Sage One. Then I find out he is on the Sage Pro Team. I always question, does he think it is the best because it is the best or because they are paying him to think it is the best?

We don’t argue about fly fishing much. We’ll give you our opinion if you ask for it and probably even if you don’t ask for it; and we’ll listen to your opinion. We’ll try not to talk while your talking, as long as we agree with you of course. If we disagree will do so as gentlemen. We’ll fish with you and only talk when it’s appropriate. We’ll never talk about work, that’s why we fly fish, to escape the subject.

Let us know what you think. We’d like to hear from you. 

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