July 1, 2016

Gear Reviewer Eligibility, Terms and Conditions plus some Guidelines…

By commenting on ANY Outdoor Blogger Network
Gear Review Opportunity Announcement Post
You are confirming and signing that you have read and agreed to the following

Reviewing a product via the Outdoor Blogger Network:

Eligibility: We at the Outdoor Blogger Network have established a few pre-screening requirements before we can send you the good stuff.

  1. You must be a member of the Outdoor Blogger Network (OBN) with an active Outdoor Blog listed on the Outdoor Blogger Directory (inclusion into the directory gives you automatic membership)
  2. Based on your region or Outdoor activities, you need to be able to utilize the gear within a reasonable time frame, typically within 4-6 weeks. (Example: if you only salmon fish in October, please don’t sign up for a salmon rod to review in January) If you are the winner of a gear review opportunity and need a bit more time, just let us know!

Keep in mind, your blog category doesn’t exclude you from certain gear reviews. We are looking for people interested in using the gear we can supply. (Example: if you write a hunting blog, you could certainly review a sleeping bag or a fishing rod)

Terms and Conditions:

  1. By accepting an Outdoor product that was facilitated through the OBN you agree to use, test and write an independent gear review in your blog within a reasonable time frame. 4-6 weeks unless otherwise discussed.
  2. By accepting an Outdoor product that was facilitated through the OBN you agree to have your gear review reposted in it’s entirety on the OBN’s gear review site. The OBN will provide Author Credit and Link back to your personal Blog in the reposting.
  3. You will not hold the Outdoor Blogger Network responsible or liable for any use of gear products that were facilitated via the OBN. At all. (So please be careful with your knife reviews!!!)
  4. The OBN is a facilitator between manufacturers and the bloggers themselves. We depend on the companies to send the promised gear review products directly to the bloggers. If for some reason the company fails to send/provide the intended piece of gear to review, the blogger will not/can not hold the OBN responsible for a replacement item or the value of intended piece of gear. (We hope this never happens, but if a company fails to provide, please let us know and we’ll do our best to make things right)

Guidelines: Please follow the guidelines we’ve instituted to keep the process smooth and easy.

Once you have received the product via the mail, please start testing it out as soon as you can. While we understand some items will be seasonal, we’d like to be able to show the manufacturers who provide the Outdoor gear a reasonable turn around time between ‘sent’ and the actual blogger gear review.

In the gear review you post on your blog, please include the following information:

  • Product Specific name in the title of your blog entry.
  • A link to the Company Website – please use the company’s Home Page.
  • A link back to the Outdoor Blogger Network.
  • A photo of the piece of Gear you are reviewing. A Photo of you using the item…even better!
  • A Disclaimer at the bottom of your review (see – Outdoor Blogging Tips for the Gear Reviewer: FTC guidelines)

And Lastly, when you are done and published, please visit our Contact Us Page and submit your information with a link to your specific gear review (not just your blog) so that we can repost it (in it’s entirety) on the OBN Gear Site.

We plan to archive ALL the Gear reviews into this centralized site and have this become the “go-to” place to research a bunch of honest-to-goodness blogger gear reviews.  If you have any questions during this process, drop us an email at contact@outdoorbloggernetwork.com and we’ll get back to asap.

We look forward to reading about your experience!