July 1, 2016

Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Need Our Support: Spread the Word

5 - Lake trout caught via trapnet_Northwester

Lake trout like these are devastating Yellowstone Lake’s native cutthroat trout.

This summer I had the opportunity to see first hand the efforts being made in Yellowstone National Park to help save the native cutthroat trout from an illegally introduced predator — Lake Trout — and the cause is one I’d love for more people to not only be aware of, but to stand behind and help in anyway they can.

Ken Barrett is someone who I meet in person on my trip, who is passionate about restoration/conservation and who is actively educating and spreading awareness about the efforts happening in Yellowstone. ~ Rebecca

The following post written by Ken and video is something we invite everyone to not only read
but help out by taking the information and sharing it on their own personal blogs.  

From Ken: Did you know that the largest population of native cutthroat trout in the entire world is being
threatened by illegally introduced and voracious predators? Yes, that’s right, and it’s happening right in
the middle of the Yellowstone National Park!

Just over two decades ago, some misguided individual or group of individuals planted lake trout in
Yellowstone Lake, where Yellowstone cutthroats had lived largely unmolested for over 10,000 years.
Introducing Lakers into Yellowstone Lake was comparable to letting a family of foxes free in the
proverbial hen house. In just over a decade they have decimated the cutthroat, reducing their numbers
from 4 million to less than 400,000, a decline of more than 90%!

Not only is this a disaster for anglers, who have enjoyed fishing for Yellowstone cutthroats for over 100
years, but also for more than 40 species of animals including grizzlies, osprey, otters and bald eagles
that depend to a greater or lesser degree on the iconic cutthroat for their survival and well-being.

But now there is hope, Park officials with help from the Yellowstone Park Foundation, TU and other
organizations are mounting a full-on assault against the lake trout. In just the past two seasons they’ve
eliminated over a half million lake trout from Yellowstone’s waters and have seen the first significant
increase in immature cutthroat numbers in over a decade.

The suppression and elimination of lake trout isn’t easy, it isn’t cheap and it needs the help of every
concerned citizen, especially anglers. Please take a few minutes and watch a three- minute video that
addresses the problem, then go to ypf.org/SaveTheTrout  and make a
contribution, today.

We need to save Yellowstone’s cutthroats for future generations to enjoy. ~ Ken Barrett

Outdoor Bloggers: Feel free to take the above information and video, in parts or it’s whole and share the information on your blogs. Awareness is vital in raising funds and finding support. Thank You!!

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