June 29, 2016

Online Calling Card: About Me

I really appreciate it when fellow Outdoor Bloggers share handy online tips and tricks with me and recently Cameron Mortenson of the blog The Fiberglass Manifesto shared with me a way to condense ALL our social locations into one simple online calling card.

The site is aptly named: About Me

It’s Free.

It’s quick (and easy) to sign up for.

You can set up a personalized page that’s unique and individual to you. (Again, easy to do)

You can make it as spare as you’d like or you can make it as long and detailed as you please.

Now that I’ve set up my own About Me page, I don’t have to fill out the same information over and over as I join other sites. I’ll just drop my About Me link and if someone’s interested in knowing more about me, they can visit my page.

I’ve also changed my signature line in my email so that links straight to my About Me page.

So that’s it. If you’d like to consolidate all of your online hubs into one location, then visit:

About Me 

You can take a look at Cameron’s About Me page Here

You can take a look at My About Me page Here

Happy Blogging Everyone and Thank You for sharing Cameron!


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