June 27, 2016

OBN Notes: Three Things


Thing One: Watch your snail mail all you recent winners. I got a fantastic surprise in the mail from AVEX yesterday, the Brazos Autoseal Water Bottle and the  Autoseal Insulated Travel Mug. Normally I don’t get such perks in the mail, so this rare occasion has me pretty excited. Big thanks and a shout out to AVEX […]

Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program Recognizes 75 Years of Wildlife Conservation and Partnership Success

WSFR 75 logo

January 17, 2012 For Immediate Release                                                                            Contact: Kim Betton, USFWS, 571-319-6343, Kim_betton@fws.gov Laura MacLean, AFWA, 202-253-0319, lmaclean@fishwildlife.org Lee Walker, DGIF, 804-912-6121, Lee.Walker@dgif.virginia.gov   WILDLIFE AND SPORT FISH RESTORATION PROGRAM RECOGNIZES 75 YEARS OF WILDLIFE CONSERVATION AND PARTNERSHIP SUCCESS  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) joins the Association of Fish and […]