June 27, 2016

Winners of the Gear Review Opportunities ~ Now it’s all On Their Heads…

The Phantom Swirl ~ Just 1 of 13 Styles

These pieces of gear are going straight to the heads of several Outdoor Bloggers and we couldn’t be more happy for them. So first up is the fantastic headbands from Sauce Headwear.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out their website, I’d suggest a quick click. Cold weather is coming and their products are […]

Gear Review Opportunities 10/5/11 – It’s All in your Head

blue headband

Or, should we say, ON your head. Today’s Gear Review Opportunities are about keeping your head warm, and helping you see better. The first group of items comes to us from Sauce Headwear, and it comes to us in the way that is most appreciated by your humble Administrators.  We were contacted by THEM and […]

Glacier Packs Gear Review Winners:

All right, here we go–making two bloggers extremely happy about winning the Glacier Packs.  Instead of using the RNG this week, I changed it up and used twitter. I made a quick tweet that said, “Quick, someone give me a number between 1-49″ and quick as a sparrow, two tweets (and many more after that, […]

Gear Review Opportunity: Glacier River Pack and Universal Chest Pack

Sorry....wading shoes and Sage Rod not included

Just when you thought Glacier Glove was all about keeping your hands toasty, they bring us innovative packs that fish are sure to swim right up to you to check out your cool gear, or so I would wager. Today we’d like to introduce you to the Glacier River Pack and Universal Chest Pack which are both […]

Gear Review Opportunity ~ Glacier Gloves (Sun Gear)

Ascencion Bay Glove

Gloves you may wonder now that it’s summer? Yes! We have already come to rely on Glacier Gloves to bring our hands warmth and comfort during the cold hard months of winter, but did you know they offer a line of Dr. Shade/Sun Gear protection as well? A note from their site: “Whether it’s fishing, […]

Gear Review Opportunity – how about some Plano??


Everyone who enjoys any activity in the outdoors knows the Plano brand. Whether it the brand of tackle box you (and your Dad, and his Dad) grew up relying on, or it’s your trusted storage for your favorite bow, outdoorsmen have depended on Plano for over 50 years. This weeks offering from Plano has one […]

Winners of the 5/19/11 Gear Review Opportunity

For us, this is always a great way to start a Monday. So here they are, the 5 lucky Outdoor Bloggers who the RNG shined upon… Up first is the winner of the Revo reel and one happy fisherman-  #3 – Brookfield Angler The RNG is sending the Pfleuger Reel to-  #14 – Intro to […]

Gear Review Opportunity Winners: Manzella Tracker Gloves

Yes, we said we had three pairs of Manzella Tracker Gloves available for gear review, but on this Monday we have to amend that number. Instead of three pairs, we have to give away FOUR pairs. I know, we changed the terms of the gear review opportunity, but we hope you can forgive the OBN and Manzella […]

Newest Gear Review Opportunity Winners: Frabil, Shappell and Plano

Plano Guide Series Waterproof Box ~ Items inside not included (so sorry)

We’ve swung around to another Monday which means the Random Number Generator went back to work (again) and there is gear to send out to OBN Bloggers. Don’t worry everyone, I’m going to give Mr. RNG a candy cane for Christmas for all his hard work. I’m nice like that… Up first is the Shappell […]

Winners of the Magnum Boots Gear Review Opportunity

Precision Ultra Lite

It’s Monday and time to announce the newest winners of our latest Gear Review Opportunity from Magnum Boots. So without further adieu, the almighty Random Number Generator (RNG) has spoken and the first pair of boots, The Precision Ultra Lite WPI CT, goes out to My Life Outdoors. His comment #18 was the first magical number […]