June 27, 2016

From Comments to Discussion – Disqus Your WordPress Blog

One of the biggest problems on WordPress blogs is a lack of conversation in the comments section.  Most WordPress blogs don’t have an easy way to get notified of followup comments and replies.  Often readers leave a comment intending to start a conversation with other readers but are then forced to return to the site multiple times […]

Create A Real Home (Page)- WordPress

A fellow blogger buddy, Brandon Robinson AKA One Bug Is Fake, asked me a question tonight that I thought would make a great tip for those of you who use WordPress.  So here goes. What if I don’t want my blog posts to be my homepage? Well if you are like me, the first search […]

Organize your Blog with Labels, Tags and Categories

From –Karl M. Searl of Live Free and Hike —”Hey OBN. I have a suggestion for a future blog post in the “Blogging Tips for Outdoor Bloggers” section. Being new to blogging, I still can’t figure out what “labels” and “tags” are used for and what their benefits are…and if I should be using them or not. […]