June 29, 2016

National Public Lands Day: Step-up and Speak-out

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September 29th marks a deer opener in Western Oregon; waterfowl opener in Montana; moose opener in Minnesota; and last but certainly not least…National Public Lands Day in the United States of America! To honor National Public Lands Day, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is asking sportsmen everywhere to step-up and speak-out for the public lands we all enjoy. […]

Field & Stream Recognizes Retired Iron Worker as Conservation Hero

Nashville, TN— Retired Local 361 Iron Worker and longtime Union Sportsmen’s Alliance member John Sferazo was profiled for his extraordinary contributions to conservation in the June 2012 issue of Field & Stream—the world’s leading outdoor magazine. Since suffering physical and emotional trauma as a Ground Zero volunteer on 9/11, Sferazo has worked to provide free […]

PSA | The Importance of Recruiting Young Hunters & Anglers

Did you know that recruiting young hunters and anglers is vital for wildlife conservation and the future of our outdoor traditions? Help the USA spread this PSA and engage the hunters and anglers of tomorrow. Watch the Video>>  

Our National Wildlife Refuges: Prime Waterfowl Hunting on Public Land

Concerned over the unregulated shooting of egrets and other showy birds for the plume trade, President Theodore Roosevelt asked one of his advisors in 1903 if he could declare Pelican Island in Florida’s St. Johns River a bird sanctuary. With his advisor’s blessing, T.R. established the first piece of today’s National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) system. […]

Conservation Minute: Illinois Whitetail

Did you know that just 50 years ago most of the mid-west was devoid of whitetail deer? Through reintroduction efforts, good management and monetary support from hunter-conservationists, the corn-belt is now home to a healthy population and some of the biggest whitetails in North America. Watch the Video, here>>

Thirty Special Needs Youth to Pursue Whitetail During Ohio Season Opener

Nashville, TN—The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance’s (USA) Boots on the Ground program has teamed up with volunteers from the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC) Locals 7 and 39 to offer more than 30 youth with varying physical and intellectual disabilities the opportunity to hunt whitetail during opening weekend of Ohio’s Youth Deer Gun […]