June 30, 2016

Another (free) Picture Editor


I’m always on the hunt for (free) programs on the Internet that make my time maintaining websites…easier. Last year I wrote a post called Graphics, Icons, Banners and Photo Generators and mentioned several websites I use to help my image processing. In the comment section The Sportsman’s Wife mentioned she used the site Picmonkey.com to edit photos […]

Video Editing on a Budget 2


Video editing can be the most frustrating thing on earth to do, well at least for me it is.  Sometimes I am ready to punt my computer to the moon or drown it in out local river.  Why you might ask?  Memory and Drive speed. The two key ingredients that can turn a normally good computer into […]

Video Editing on a Budget


    Most people think that to edit videos for your website you need to own two or three $2000+ video cameras, have a Mac and have gone to video editing school.  While those things would help and I personally would love to have that kind of gear and experience in my arsenal, they are […]

Photographing Outdoor Gear: The Shooting Table Technique

The following guest post has been written, photographed and shared with the Outdoor Blogging Community by The Reverend Fowl ™. The Shooting Table Technique Use this photography technique to photograph Outdoor Gear, harvested or found objects. Definition A Shooting Table or Table Photography is an indoor studio technique most commonly used for Still Life Photography and merchandising.  […]