June 30, 2016

Signs of Spring


Hi Everyone. Beyond things like a month long stay in Texas (pure work) and you know, life…I’ve been neglectful of the OBN. For that, I apologize. Here’s a bit of an admission…every year I struggle keeping focused and forward moving during the small space of time between Winter and Spring. To be honest, this year […]

Outdoor Photo Prompt: Show Your Fall Colors


As I cruise around the Internet Highway I’m seeing the most beautiful pictures of Autumn. You have to hand it to Mother Nature, she really shows off during this time of the year. Whether you’ve already posted a picture of what Fall looks like in your neck of the woods, or if you feel like […]

Share your 4th of July Posts and Pictures

My Roman Candle Tribute to the Festivities

We hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July week. Since the 4th happened in the middle of the week, it seemed like a great excuse for a lot of people to take the whole week as one long celebration. That’s what Joe and I did… I hope there are lots of 4th of July […]

Outdoor Photo Prompt: The Start of Summer

Photo By The Big Picture

Ask for photo inspiration on the OBN Facebook Page and Ye shall receive: Visit The Big Picture Here Visit The Impractical Fisherman Here Visit River Mud Here Visit Feathers and Antlers Here Visit Oldentime’s here Visit The Reverend Fowl™ here It feels like I blinked and presto — June is here, Summer is here! With the […]

Outdoor Photo Prompt: Spring Has Sprung (and Book Giveaway)


Ok, so I’ve thrown the whole routine out the window lately here on the OBN. Heck, my entire routine of life is a big old pile of disarray right now, BUT, Spring has Sprung and that gives me plenty to smile about. Today I would love it if everyone could share a picture of how Spring is […]

Outdoor Photo Prompt: The Look Of Winter


I live in Idaho. However, my area has gotten ziltch. Nothing. Nadda. Zippo. No snow. I’m about ready to sacrifice my favorite mittens and do a snow dance in a swimsuit. Ok, scratch the swimsuit part, but you know, do something outrageous to appease the stingy snow gods. When it’s this cold out I like […]

GreenFish Photo Contest and Giveaway


Today we are excited to bring back GreenFish – Fishing Apparel Promoting a Lifestyle of Sustainable Fishing For another awesome giveaway here on the OBN. GreenFish has just released their first non-apparel gear, a Hands Free Camera Mount and we are celebrating that release here with a Photo Contest and BIG Prizes. Now, before I get […]

Outdoor Photo Prompt ~ Little Explorers in the Outdoors


While I was wandering around the Outdoor Blogosphere, I came across a photo Amelia who writes the blog Tales of a Mountain Mama-(Family) posted of her out hiking with two little ones strapped to her front and back for the adventure. I love this picture! I think this picture really does say a thousand words […]

Outdoor Photo Prompt ~ The Look of Fall


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” -  Albert Camus It’s that time of the year when nature is showing off in beautiful tones. Sure…spring has it’s fancy flowers and freshly grown leaves, but I find the fall colors an admirable feat. I think it would be fair to say we […]

Outdoor Photo Prompt ~ Goodbye Summer…


Although the  thermometer here in Idaho is still borderline HOT, hints of Fall are starting to reveal themselves all around. We hope everyone had a fantastic summer and soaked up enough sun and fun to pull them through the winter months. I personally think it’s a great idea to stock pile a bunch of vibrant […]