June 26, 2016

Outdoor Community Question: A Deliberate Life

a deliberate

Last year I got to spend a couple of days on the river with Matt Smythe from Fishing Poet and Grant from Grant Taylor Images. That experience inspired the following: Project: A Deliberate Life There comes a time in all of our lives when we let ourselves dream about living life on our own terms. […]

Outdoor Community Question: Internet Lows

Multimedia laptop

I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’s a summer slump. Maybe it’s burn out. Maybe it’s just so nice outdoors that’s all I can think about… Maybe it’s a combination of everything, but I’m currently experiencing an Internet Low. It’s a lot like knowing there is a pile of dishes in the sink […]

Outdoor Community Question ~ Blogging and a Journal By Hand?

Moleskin for Outdoor Journaling

I’ve always kept a handwritten journal. I started with a diary that had a heart shaped locking clasp that my brother delighted in stealing and breaking into. After I’d pummel him, I’d of course record the horror of my experience. After time my diary evolved into a journal and I’ve always maintained one. Once online […]

Outdoor Community Question: Outdoor Gifts made by Outdoor Bloggers?

Cotton Candy Sky By Trout MaGee ~ Click Photo for purchase details

The photo above was taken by Trout MaGee who writes the Outdoor Blog The Catching Chronicles you can also visit his shop here: Driftless Creations. Ok, so maybe this community question is a bit selfish on my part, but I’m on the hunt for Outdoor gear/clothes/books/swag/stickers/art/photography….and so on that is made, or created, or designed […]

Outdoor Community Question: Mice at the Campfire (toasting their own marshmallows)

"Who Me?"

As some of you may have noticed on your personal blogs, sometimes you become an online ‘authority’ on a topic without meaning too. Apparently, All Mighty Google has chosen us as the go-to ‘mice while camping’ experts… I can trace back to the ‘why’ it’s happened here on the OBN in regards to Mice. It […]

Outdoor Community Question ~ Favorite Outdoor Quote


This Community question was inspired (swiped) from the Forum where ksearl ~ Live Free and Hike asked everyone to share their favorite Outdoor Quotes. We all have them, those little sayings that inspire us. A sentence or two that someone else has written (or perhaps we’ve came up with on our own) that we can read and […]

Outdoor Community Questions ~ Honeybun Anyone?

My Twitter Answer ~ Snicker Bars and Diet Coke

This Outdoor Community Question was inspired by Andy Whitcomb and a great post he wrote for the Take Me Fishing Blog — Honeybuns.  When Andy asked me the question via Twitter, my first thought was “Nope, not Honeybuns, but give me a bag of mini-snicker bars and a 6-pack of Diet Coke and I’m all set […]

Outdoor Community Question ~ Books


Over the next couple of weeks the OBN will be rolling out some new features, redesigns, and what-nots we’ve been working on and figured today looks like a good day to get one new feature rolling down the path. ~ The Outdoor Community Question ~ That sounds very official doesn’t it. Or maybe not. Either […]