June 25, 2016

Top O’ The Monday To You…

spring time

Well hey, Hi, Hello Everyone out there in Cyber Space. How ya doing? I’m sure you can tell by the lack of posts around these parts, Joe and I have been otherwise diverted to various other aspects of life and as you all know, we run the OBN from the ‘fun things to do in […]

Outdoor Blogger Community Changes: Spring Sprucing

Outdoor Group

I have a case of Spring Fever. Whenever I’m feeling antsy, I have to do something radical and this weekend I focused the fever on the OBN. First off, I finally bit the bullet and changed the format throughout the entire site so that everything is cohesive with the exception of the Blog Directory – which […]

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

OBN Valentine

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Outdoor Blogs are sweet, And so are you. Rebecca and Joe

Wishing You All the Very Best This Holiday Season


It’s time to turn off the computer for a couple of days. Entertain out of town guests. Bake like calories don’t count. And experience the magic of the season. Joe and I wanted to send our very best out to each and every one of you. May Santa spoil your Outdoor Spirit rotten… Rebecca and […]

Sportsman Channel Writing Contest: Closed

SPMN logo-4.20.11

We’ll be announcing the Winner SOON! In the meantime, read the amazing entries. The Sportsman Channel Blog Writing Contest for Hunters

Last Minute Notice – COLEMAN Contest!!


Sorry for the last minute notice, but one of our long-time OBN supporters – Coleman – notified us about a contest being run right now.   Click HERE for the details: Contest Instructions What does the outdoors mean to you? Coleman is helping organizations that encourage America’s youth camping groups to “CONTINUE EXPLORING” the outdoors by […]

Outdoor Blogger Network 1 Year Anniversary Celebration!


On Tuesday the 18th The Outdoor Blogger Network will officially be 1 years old. And what a great year we’ve had! When Joe and I think back to our talk along the river that inspired us to build this website, we both agree that not only did our vision happen, it’s taken on a life […]

Admin Note: Something Fishy…

Untouched Photo ~ Oregon has purple sunsets....I stand impressed

Although I’m still having a lovely time over on the Oregon Coast, yesterday after I got the 3rd “Have you gotten any winner addresses yet?” email from Joe, I started to smell something a bit fishy going on. That fishy business had nothing to do with the boat or the hoards of scruffy fisherman everywhere. […]

Summer Wanderlust

Rogue River at Gold Beach

When Joe and I started the OBN back in the fall of 2010 we talked about what might happen the following summer (this one) because the fact is, I’m a bit of an wanderer and I usually set up my year so that during the summer I can pretend I’m a rubbertramp who travels the […]

A Quick Update from the Admin

I have been in a state of transiton this pasrt week, living out of boxes.  My DSL goes live next Tuesday – HOORAAY!!!   Rebecca may be on an extended fishing jaunt – not realy sure.   I tried to post via my Ipad, but ran into technical difficulties.   Don’t fret – we haven’t […]