June 30, 2016

Outdoor Blogger Connections

The Group Shot

Suwannee Refugee recently moved from Orlando to Tampa Florida and needed new fishing buddies. Through twitter and Outdoor Blogs he was able to connect with some great Outdoor people who shared a day on the water with him. Reading about it makes me want to take up yet another outdoor hobby…yak angler! Be sure to […]

Outdoor Blogger Connections ~ Trout Unlimited

The Cast of Characters

Back at the beginning of summer, the OBN along with Trout Unlimited held a writing contest that brought the winners together for a Montana fishing retreat. By the sounds of it, they all had a fantastic time and made memories that will last a lifetime. They’ve all had time to reflect on their experience and […]

Outdoor Blogger Connection

Big Fun

John Montana  from the blog Carp on the Fly and Mctage from the blog Fly-Carpin got together this summer for some carp catching fun. By the looks of all the photos on both of their blogs they most certainly caught some big fish and had a great time together. Read about their Outdoor Connection on their […]

Outdoor Blogger Connections


When you make the leap from computer screen to meeting someone in person from the blogging world, really great things can happen. The Outdoor Blogger Network is the direct result of Joe and I, two Outdoor Bloggers, getting together for a couple of days of Fly Fishing the summer of 2010. So far, every person […]