June 29, 2016

OBN Notes 12/13

Bull Moose Patrol

It’s Friday the 13th so I’m sending out good (warm & fuzzy) thoughts to the lot of you!! Around the OBN this Week:  In Outdoor Talk: I set up a link system/post to round up all the various Outdoor Blogger giveaways that are happening or going to happen in the near future. If you have […]

OBN Notes: 12/6

True North Trout

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…Outdoor Blogger Koz of True North Trout showing some Holiday Spirit in the Great Outdoors. In Outdoor Blogging: A new post that shows you how to easily make and share your blog badge with others. All you need is a logo or image and copy & paste skills. Visit: […]

OBN Notes: 11/29


In Outdoor Blogging: I’m always on the hunt for free online software that helps a blogger out and this Picture Editor does the job. Go check out Another (free) Picture Editor I announced the Winners: Of the Chippewa Boots by showing via video how I work the RNG magic. You can see it here: Winners: Chippewa Boots […]

OBN Friday Notes: 11/22

Winter Blues

This Week on the OBN:  Outdoor Gear Review Opportunity: Chippewa Boots is offering 5 pairs of boots for OBN Bloggers to receive, stomp around in, test and review on their blogs. Opportunity is open for comments until Monday, so get your comment in for this chance! Gear Review Opportunity  In the Outdoors Section:  The 2014 AFFTA […]

Trout Unlimited Blogger Tour 2013: Deadline is Close!

The clock is ticking and time is almost up to get your entry in for the Trout Unlimited Blogger Tour 2013. We already have some fantastic entries that are going to make it tough for the judges to pick, so thank you to all who have already entered for keeping it interesting! Remember: The submission […]

Friday Notes, on a Friday!!

Just got back from a company trip to Florida – yes, I can hear all the sobs out there.  Well – it WAS really crappy, cold, windy weather.  But I managed to get out and fish for an hour and a half, and actually caught a big snook.  (Well – big for me).  But enough […]

Friday Notes, on a Saturday

Well, I know it sounds like a broken record, but we’re both buried.  Again.  Rebecca is out of town working daybreak til dark on a project.  I just got back from SHOT and have numerous meetings and travel looming on the horizon.  Still – no excuses. I am planning to re-start the Wednesday Gear Review […]

OBN Notes: Three Things


Thing One: Watch your snail mail all you recent winners. I got a fantastic surprise in the mail from AVEX yesterday, the Brazos Autoseal Water Bottle and the  Autoseal Insulated Travel Mug. Normally I don’t get such perks in the mail, so this rare occasion has me pretty excited. Big thanks and a shout out to AVEX […]

A Quick Edition of Friday Notes

trey luckie

It’s been a while since a fresh Friday Notes appeared, and even longer since it was authored by Joe!  But – I hope this will mark the beginning of a return to normalcy (whatever that is!) The event that pushed me to write this is one that is near and dear to us – OBN […]

OBN Notes: Somethin’ is Up…or Down


Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well these days. A quick update about the OBN. Things are a bit haywire from a system software front right now. Corrupted databases, hosting issues, yadda, yadda, yadda. The community portion of the site I shut off for the time being. The forum isn’t working but it’s there […]