July 1, 2016

Winner: Outdoor Cookbook

First off. A Quick shout out to Fox Chapel Publishing  for sending us this great Outdoor Cookbook. If you are looking for new outdoor reading materials, I’d suggest a visit to their website. You can find ALL kinds of books related to outdoor activities. Second: The Winner! A quick twirl of the RNG says the official […]

Outdoor Cookbook Giveaway: Cooking Fish & Game


I hope everyone’s summer is going wonderful so far! Fox Chapel Publishing (a fantastic resource for Outdoor books) has recently released a new cookbook and today I wanted to give a copy away to someone in the OBN community… From their website:Cooking Fish & Game “There’s nothing like the satisfaction of bringing home freshly caught fish […]

Campfire Stories: Neverwas Nonesuch

Quill Gordon

When I was growing up, my favorite part of camping was the evening campfire. I come from a big family that all liked to camp together which made our camps a bit like a large compound. Or a circled up tent train. There was lots of watchful Parents, Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles and a big […]

Outdoor Writers Association of America: Outdoor Bloggers Welcome


by Chris Hunt As outdoor bloggers, our efforts aren’t always taken seriously. The Outdoor Blogger Network and its creators, Rebecca Garlock and Joe Wolf, have done much to legitimize the work we do, and many of us have them to thank for some of the rewards our blogging earned us over the OBN’s two short […]

BowAmerica Magazine Launch

  BowAmerica, the e-Magazine for Bowhunters launched on January 5th.  If you are a bowhunter or hunter, this magazine will have something for you.  Featuring some of the best bloggers in the country that share the passion for bowhunting and archery, there are segments in each monthly issue on traditional, compound, bowfishing, women bowhunters, target/competition […]