June 26, 2016

Friday Notes, on a Friday!!

Just got back from a company trip to Florida – yes, I can hear all the sobs out there.  Well – it WAS really crappy, cold, windy weather.  But I managed to get out and fish for an hour and a half, and actually caught a big snook.  (Well – big for me).  But enough […]

Friday Notes, on a Saturday

Well, I know it sounds like a broken record, but we’re both buried.  Again.  Rebecca is out of town working daybreak til dark on a project.  I just got back from SHOT and have numerous meetings and travel looming on the horizon.  Still – no excuses. I am planning to re-start the Wednesday Gear Review […]

The last Gear Review Oportunity of 2012 – Ho – Ho – Ho!!

Avex Insulated thermos

As 2012 winds down, we are having our last Gear Review Opportunity for the year.  This one should appeal to just about everyone.  So, without further ado, … There are 2 seperate items in this week’s Gear Review Opportunity.  The first offering, from Avex is actually 2 seperate items (I guess that makes this a […]

An early Christmas for the winners of the Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

darex sharpener

  The latest Gear Review Opportunity has ended and the RNG  didn’t see it’s shadow, so there are   -  no, wait a minute – that’s a different holiday.  (Is Groundhog Day a holiday??)  Sorry – I seem to have lost my direction here … The RNG has picked this week’s winners, and they are : […]

Gear Review Opportunity 11/16/12 – a sharpening tool that EVERYONE can use!

Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

This week, in our pre-Thanksgiving Gear Review Opportunity, we bring to you a really neat sharpener from Work Sharp tools – the Guided Field Sharpener 221.  When I first looked at this on their website, I thought it looked like a neat gadget for sharpening your knife. And then I watched the video.  Which you […]

The Jetflow Hydration System Winner

We had a nice response to the offering from Jetflow this past week.  And, while we only have one unit to giveaway this week,  Jetflow has agreed to offer up another one in Spring. So, if you didn’t win this one, keep your eyes peeled for the next offering. In the meantime, we can all […]

Gear Review Opportunity – Jetflow Hydration System

jetflow 1

Runners, hikers, bikers, photographers, fishermen – you name it, we got you covered with this weeks very cool gear review opportunity.  We were approached by Jetflow Hydration Systems and they have offered to send one of our bloggers a Tomahawk Jetflow Hydration system.  Here are the details and how it works. What’s Jetflow? The Jetflow […]

A Much Needed Return to the Gear Review Opportunities!!! Free Country Jackets!

free country

As  I mentioned in the Friday notes last week, we plan to get back in the swing of things with some Gear Review Opportunities for all our faithful bloggers – those of you who endured this past summer of disarray.  Well – let’s kick things off with a company new to the OBN community! Free […]

A Quick Edition of Friday Notes

trey luckie

It’s been a while since a fresh Friday Notes appeared, and even longer since it was authored by Joe!  But – I hope this will mark the beginning of a return to normalcy (whatever that is!) The event that pushed me to write this is one that is near and dear to us – OBN […]

Friday Notes – on Saturday!!

OK, so I’m not as organized and punctual as Rebecca. Sorry, but I’m the best you’ve got until she gets back from Yellowstone, or Jellystone, or wherever she is.  It rained all evening so I had to give the Shark’s Teeth a rest. I just wanted to post a quick Friday Night Notes to call […]