June 27, 2016

About Matt from The Functioning Fishaholics

Matt is the founder of Southeastern PA's fishing addiction support group The Functioning Fishaholics. When he's not out fishing, tying flies, or writing about fishing he enjoys spending time helping outdoor bloggers (primarily fishermen). He also loves his beautiful wife, 2 dogs, and his Xbox.

From Comments to Discussion – Disqus Your WordPress Blog

One of the biggest problems on WordPress blogs is a lack of conversation in the comments section.  Most WordPress blogs don’t have an easy way to get notified of followup comments and replies.  Often readers leave a comment intending to start a conversation with other readers but are then forced to return to the site multiple times […]

Create A Real Home (Page)- WordPress

A fellow blogger buddy, Brandon Robinson AKA One Bug Is Fake, asked me a question tonight that I thought would make a great tip for those of you who use WordPress.  So here goes. What if I don’t want my blog posts to be my homepage? Well if you are like me, the first search […]

Blog Birthday – 5 Ways To Party

Tomorrow 10/18 is the 1 year birthday of the Outdoor Blogger Network. Please join me in wishing a happy birthday to the OBN, Rebecca, and Joe!   It’s hard to believe how much positive impact the OBN has had on the outdoor blogging community in just one year.  I remember when the directory consisted of […]

Really Horrible Blog About You…

Really horrible blog about you, might want to read this… Someone is posting a pic of you all over Twitter… This video of you is shocking…     Sound familiar?  If you use Twitter you might want to read this. A few words of warning from Twitter’s safety center: In general, please use caution when clicking on links. […]