June 29, 2016

Winner: Outdoor Cookbook

cookingfishandgameFirst off.

A Quick shout out to Fox Chapel Publishing  for sending us this great Outdoor Cookbook. If you are looking for new outdoor reading materials, I’d suggest a visit to their website. You can find ALL kinds of books related to outdoor activities.

Second: The Winner!

A quick twirl of the RNG says the official winner of Cooking Fish & Game is…

Comment #3 —- Robin Follette who writes Robin’s Outdoors.

Congrats to you! Please visit the contact tab above and send us over your address and information. I’ll get the book out to you asap.

Robin, just let us all know when we can head over for dinner….if you are taking requests, I’d love to try out the recipe on page 45….


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    Awesome! I’m excited! Thank you very much. I will put the book to good use and be sure to write a review. C’mon over. We have an outdoor fireplace by the house and a fire pit at the pond. We’ll cook something delicious. Can’t wait to see what’s on page 45!

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