June 25, 2016

Merry Christmas and a Whole Lotta Winners

I love Christmas Eve, especially when I get to give out some early Christmas Presents!

fallriverflyrods-300x81First Up, I wanted to officially announce the winner of the Fall River Flyrod Bamboo grand prize. Yesterday, over a crackly audio system on what I would now consider a not so reliable google hangout, a group of us watched as I pulled a name from an actual hat.

Huge Congrats goes out to Joel of the blog A Year on The Fly. 

Joel was one of several people who signed on for the live action and although I could barely hear him over my laptop I could see he was very excited.

We had a couple of other winners yesterday as well.

Nick of BrookfieldAngler.com won a surprise Montana Fly Co reel.

Michael of Dry Flies & Fat Tires won some bonus RIO lines.

Jason of Fontinalis Rising and Jason of Southern Utah Hunt and Fish won a couple of hats.

Thank you again to everyone that participated over the last year in the promotion. It was fantastic watching the rod make its travels across the country. A HUGE thank you goes out again to Jason and Julie Zicha from Fall River Flyrods.  Great company and Great People.


A Christmas TWIST

Last week Joe posted up a gear review opportunity and we also wanted to announce those winners today.

Here’s the TWIST.
Santa Joe just told me to give everyone that commented a piece of gear!!!!!

Rather than go RNG this route, I’m going to go straight down the comment list, in order, and give out the gear as it was listed in the offering. Where you commented in that list is what you’ll end up with.

Avex Insulated thermosUp first from AVEX is the Autoseal Insulated Travel Mugs: 

Comment #1 Brent Wilson
Comment #2 Amelia from Tales of a Mountain Mama
Comment # 3 rory
Comment #4 Stephen Woolf (Stephen, you didn’t leave a blog link in your comment, so we’ll need to verify your OBN membership)
Comment# 5 Tim Borkert
Comment #6kim

Next up is for the AVEX Brazos Autoseal Water Bottles:

Comment #7 Karl Searl
Comment#8 Leaky Waders
Comment#9 Passinthru Outdoors
Comment#10 Ricky Anderson
Comment #11 Daniel Roloff
Comment#12 Fishnhound
Comment#13 Christine
Comment#14 Jay
Comment #15 Brandon

And Finally, from  LoopRopethe winners of the LoopRope 5ft Tie Down:

Comment #16 Jody
Comment # 17 MNAngler
Comment #18 Nick@BrookfieldAngler.com
Comment #19 Chris Huston

Ok, that’s it!
Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!!

All our winners above, please visit the contact page, fill out the form and PLEASE help us keep this all straight by mentioning in your information section which piece of gear you won.

Rebecca and Joe

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When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    That’s the last time I forget to comment…A big congratulations and Merry Christmas to everyone.

  2. 2

    I barely heard the audio as well but when I saw my name I couldn’t believe it. You capped off my year with one of the best gifts an angler could hope for. I was giggling like a little girl all night. THANK YOU OBN & FALL RIVER FLY RODS. I’m sure all the others that fished that rod are green with envy right now and I feel slightly bad about that. I just hope Eric over at Home Skillet doesn’t skip the country with it. I got some big plans for that rod in 2013.

  3. 3

    Congratulations to all! Being technically challenged, I couldn’t participate yesterday but I thought about all of you.

    This was a fun promotion! Thank you, Jason and Julie, for getting the rod out there for us, and thank you, Rebecca, for all the work you put into getting this thing rolling!

    Eric must bring the rod to Vermont some time.

  4. 4

    Thank you once again to all involved! From the OBN, to the companies offering the products, I can’t thank enough for the opportunities that are always presented here.

    A huge congrats to Joel! You are a deserving winner of that incredible fly rod and reel.

  5. 5

    Thanks everyone. It was a great year, and I am sure next year is going to be even better.

  6. 6

    Well…………I managed to fight off the urge to steal it and run off into Canada…..the rod is shipped to it’s final destination. congrats Joel!

    Also, putting a shout out to all of you that participated. Hooked Up Films is going to be putting together a short promo video on Fall River Fly Rods and the OBN Rod. I only had the durn thing for one weekend and it was 17 degrees out so I have some pretty limited footage.

    My plea is that any of you that have really good pics of the rod or the rod in action….would you mind emailing me some to be included in the video? Also are there any objections from anyone if I quote a few of you in the promo?
    In return I would be happy to give credit of course and even do a little logo screen time. Just let me know what you all think of this. The promo theme will be upbeat and professional. No gaudy humor or weirdness and copies can be had by all for your own sites.

    Thanks all
    Home Skillet

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