June 26, 2016

Fall River Bamboo Fly Rod Promotion ~ Finale

fallriverflyrods-300x81Way back when….March of this year, we announced an amazing opportunity from Fall River Flyrods for anglers across the country to be part of a traveling Bamboo Fly Rod that would ultimately be given away to one of the participants.

A Video Refresher:

The time for the giveaway has finally arrived!

 This Sunday, via Google Hangout, the group will be gathering online for a live giveaway. It will be one amazing Christmas present for one lucky angler and I’ll announce who ultimately won the grand prize here at the OBN on Monday.

Until then, I wanted to spotlight all the amazing blog posts that have been done for this Fly Rod over the last year. Starting with:

From The View from Fish in a Barrel Pond:

Bamboopalooza, Part 1: Fall River Flyrods “South Fork” is Not Your Grandfather’s Rod

Bamboopalooza, Part II: Fall River Rods “South Fork” Meets Your Grandfather’s Rod

From A Year on the Fly:

Fall River Bamboo – A Day Of Beautiful Things

From The Naturalist’s Angle:

Bamboo in ‘Bama: playing host to the OBN Fall River Fly Rod

From Dispatches from the Potomac:

One Fly Rod, Fifteen Anglers: A Journey

From of Dry Flies & Fat Tires:

grass in da house

far and fine

never the same

From Arizona Wanderings:

Rambling Review: Fall River Bamboo Fly Rod “South Fork”

From Fontinalis Rising:

Gone Bamboo

The Bamboo and I

From Waterdog Journal

I’ve been waiting for you…

Fall River Fly Rod Yard Test

Fall River Fly Rod River Test

I’m Psychic…Who Knew

Bamboo a Few Pictures

Bamboo the last few Pictures

From Southern Utah Hunt and Fish:

Fall River Fly Rod Review

From Unaccomplished Angler

Unable to fish with cane

From The Photography of Brian Schiele :

Bamboo fishing..not catching

From Brookfield Angler:

Got Wood?

The Bamboo has been tainted!

Upping the Ante

The Fall River Fly Rod Review ~ Plus the MFC Reel and RIO Line

From Chucking Line and Chasing Tail: 

Living Grass – Fall River Fly Rod Review

Thank you once again to Jason and Julie Zicha from Fall River Flyrods. 

They have both been an active participants in this promotion from day one and we owe them a huge dose of gratitude for bringing such an amazing opportunity to so many. The Bamboo fly rod is one of a kind and so are they.

Fall River FlyRods recently had a big move to Utah that we wanted to share with everyone as well. A Note from them:

You may or may not be familiar with a shop here called Four Seasons Fly Fishers but the fine folks at Four Seasons are our new partners in crime.  It is the quintessential Utah fly shop; it’s about 7 miles past Park City and the shop itself is less than a mile away from the Middle Provo river.  Four Seasons is the only game in town here and they have just extended enough area in their shop so that Jason can work there in it.  Mark will be featuring our custom bamboo and graphite rods, along with adding a bamboo rod repair service and bamboo rod building classes.  We’re super excited about it…  Four Seasons gains an on-site custom builder and we gain a little street cred by having an actual  brick and mortar retail outlet.

Congrats Jason and Julie for a great move….although I have to say, we (me) here in Idaho are going to miss you!!

We’d also like to thank  Montana Fly Company and RIO for being a key partner in making the Fly Rod a complete package!

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