June 27, 2016

Community News Section: Fix attempt #208

For the love of all things Community News Section I hope this newest attempt is successful.

I got my hands on the OLD (and always reliable) version of software for our beloved Community News. So I’ve deleted the new (and NOT improved version) and re-installed the old version that used to work perfectly fine for everyone. 

I hearby swear if this works I shall never, ever, upgrade the Community News again.

If this doesn’t work for everyone, I also hearby swear to throw a match on the entire program and watch it go down in a blaze of shame…probably.

Once again with deleting and switching, I’ve lost the most recent submissions to the Outdoor Community News. Interestingly, the old posts from the day back in August I upgraded the program magically reappeared.

Before I started the switch this morning, I saved the most recent 25 submissions from the people that were lucky enough to be able to post lately and they are listed below.

So once again I need testers and feedback. If you could post your most recent blog posts to the Community News section, I’d appreciate it.

I promise, if you tell me it doesn’t work, I’ll only have a mini-mental-breakdown. I have whiskey, tranquilizers and a shrink on standby…


Most Recent Community News Submissions: 

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  1. 1

    Worked for me. Easy peasy.

  2. 5

    Everything worked like a charm. Thanks for going back to the old version.

    • 6

      Bill! As you can imagine, I’m beyond excited the community news section works for you again!

      Multiple exclamation points are needed in this comment.


  3. 7

    Rebecca, you forgot to turn the crap filter off…it won’t let me post! Just kidding…it worked just fine. It worked so well I might have posted twice!


  4. 8

    Proving once again that a) No good deed goes unpunished and b) New and improved isn’t always new and improved.

    Glad to see you’ve wrestled this one to the ground and beat it.

  5. 9

    Rebecca, you’re a genius! (That’s kind of fun to say to someone with the same name as me). It’s so nice to be able to share a post without problems. Thanks for everything you do here :)

  6. 10

    Worked fine for me just now. Thanks!

  7. 11

    Thank goodness! (And Rebecca)

  8. 12

    It’s always worked fine for me, so no difference here. I only use Macs. Macs rule.

    So do 8 AM shots of whiskey, but only good whiskey at that hour.

  9. 13

    Wow!!! It disappeared so wickedly fast after I pressed the submit button, I had to do a double take! It’s been awhile since I have been able to post over here. Many thanks, Rebecca! Perseverance!

  10. 14

    It’s official.

    I believe in Christmas Miracles now =)

    I’m SO glad the Community News feature is back to it’s original functionality. I for one pretty much use the community news feature exclusively to visit and read blogs, so I’m a happy elf today!

  11. 15

    And here comes the rain on the parade! I posted a story finally just after the news came out. But today…It says I have a validation error. Won’t let me post. Double checked everything to make sure the url is the url and the email is the email, etc.

  12. 16

    and after trying 3 more times, once with the same message as before, then an error message, the third went through.

  13. 17

    Well that was interesting. I got a validation error too like Bill Howard. Since there is no log in on the main page anymore, I went to the forum and logged in. Came back and posted with no problem.

    So there’s still a problem, I guess.

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