June 29, 2016

A Quick Edition of Friday Notes

It’s been a while since a fresh Friday Notes appeared, and even longer since it was authored by Joe!  But – I hope this will mark the beginning of a return to normalcy (whatever that is!)

The event that pushed me to write this is one that is near and dear to us – OBN bloggers who connect through their blogs and end up meeting, hunting/fishing, and sharing the experience with the rest of us.  We’ve read about these meetings through the writings of the River Damsel, through Troutrageous, by reading about the Colorado get-together of a number of our flyfishing bloggers last year.  It’s how the OBN came to created, and it’s my favorite part of the blogging world.







The bloggers I’m referring to in their recent rendezvous are 2 longtime OBN supporters – Trey - Brave Eagles Hunt with Antique Brownings! -  and Tony – Down East Duck Hunter.  Trey finally made it up to Maine and …   Well – you really need to read the recaps for yourself.  Sounds like a great time was had by two great friends.  Be sure to click on both the links and read their stories.  Thanks, Trey and Tony, for sharing your experience.

In other News…

We will be  re-launching the Gear Review Opportunities very soon.  The problem that slowed these offerings down to a crawl was never a lack of willingness from the Sporting Goods community; rather,  it was simply a matter of not having enough time to do the work necessary to arrange them.  I think there’s light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and we should get back on track shortly.  ( I hope the light isn’t an oncoming train)

And finally, I add my voice to the others commenters and send out a big THANKS to Rebecca for keeping the computer / forum part of this beast afloat.


Have a great Weekend!




  1. 1

    It’s nice to see Joe back again. When are you coming back to Colorado Joe?

  2. 3

    There is nothing better than blogger get-togethers! It is always fun to meet who you blog back and forth with… = )

  3. 4

    Anyone would be hard pressed to find a fine individual anywhere and be fortunate enough to call him friend. And to think it all began with that one comment on my blog, for that it has all been worth it. Plans are in the works for me to venture to southern Georgia this April. I’m just tracking that ticket and getting ready to jump on the cheapest fare.

    Thanks for all that you do OBN, it certainly has made for a meeting place of common outdoors folk!

    The Downeast Duck Hunter

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