July 1, 2016

Quickfire Outdoor Interview: Shotguns & Fishing Poles

Name or Online Code Name: Ricky Anderson

Blog URL: Shotguns & Fishing Poles

1) Outdoor Activity of choice? Fishing is my first love and passion of the outdoors. There is no other activity that brings the soft quiet feeling of relaxation while lazily waiting for a catfish to take a stink-bait, or the intense and total concentration it takes to work a plastic worm around a log just right, or the excitement of hooking and fighting a large fish of any species. There is just something nostalgic and pure about fishing that allows me to connect with my surroundings and lose myself in nature.

2) Outdoor Mornings. Up at 5 a.m.? 6…7…8…9…Or when the sun heats up the tent and you can’t take it anymore? I am not a morning person by nature, but when it comes to hunting or fishing I am usually excited enough to be up early enough to see the sun rise, so 5 a.m. or earlier.

3) Snicker Bar or Granola Bar on the trail? I have a terrible sweet tooth and I love the snickers candy, but on the trail the quick burst of energy followed by the subsequent crash that a candy bar gives is horribly annoying at best, and here in the desert it can be deadly. Granola has the sugar for a quick pick me up and the grain gives a more subtle longer lasting energy. So I would choose some kind of granola bar to take on the trail with me.

4) Your Birthday is coming. What outdoor (dream) present should we all chip in to buy you this year? Fishing equipment…no. Guns…A boat…A tank! What would I do with a tank? Go hunting. What would I hunt with a tank? Quail. With a tank?! Ok, rhinoceroses. Ther aren’t any of those in Arizona. Ok then, deer, or buffalo, cactus, abandoned cars, Hills, Al-Qaida…ENOUGH WITH THE TANK!! However, I do need to get to and from the field, or lake, and the roads can be pretty rough…so…a 4X4 truck…YEA… with a turret! GET OVER THE TANK!

After that crazy train of thought, I decided that my final answer is: A Ford Raptor SVT with the smaller cab, front brush guard, front and rear winches, roll bar in the bed, the Raptor luxury package, the navigation package, and then have it decked out in Mossy Oak or Real Tree camouflage. That way I can go hunting and fishing in style!

FYI: My birthday is July, 13.

5) Seven days in the Alaskan Wilderness or Seven days on a Tropical Beach? Both destinations would be awesome; there is incredible fishing in both places. If I were to go with my wife (preferably) I would pick the tropical beach because she just loves the beach so wouldn’t be bored while I go fishing. If I was going by myself I would pick the Alaskan wilderness because I could go hunting as well as fishing.

6) What kind of Outdoor Store would you own? Definitely a store like Cabellas or Bass Pro Shops, I get lost in those stores for hours at a time!

7) Finish this sentence: When I was a little kid, I loved to go outside and…Explore. I just loved to go out and see what was around the next bend in the trail, at the back of the canyon, or over the next hill. And I still do.

8) Do you have an Outdoor related item that is priceless to you? What is it and why? My wife gave me my first shotgun for Christmas last year, so that is priceless to me both because it is my first gun, and for the fact that my wife gave it to me.

9) Fill in the blank. When I head outdoors I need to have_________________with me? A knife. I never leave the house without a pocket knife, and going out in the field I like to have a larger one with me as well. You can make just about anything else you need in the field, including fire, with a good knife.

10) What’s the story behind your blog name? I just thought about what represented my favorite outdoor activities of quail hunting and fishing and there it was.

Courage Level Question: It’s You and a Grizzly Bear face to face on the trail. Knowing yourself, will you 1) Hold your ground and see who blinks first 2) throw your gear at the Grizzly and run for your life 3) faint on the spot or 4) describe your plan…

I don’t know how I would react to coming face to face with a grizzly bear. I like to think I would keep my head enough to remember to hold my ground like I have heard you are supposed to, on the other hand, on the other hand, if that bear is going to attack me I want to be unconscious. But knowing me and being honest with you I think it would be number one, but not because I am overly brave, or stupid. I would be frozen in place from fear, and wishing it was my birthday so I had that OBN tank with me. No matter what happened I am pretty sure a change of underwear would be in order.

Thank you Ricky for stepping into the fire! 

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  1. 1

    Thank you for the interview. I had a great time answering the questions, and I really appreciate the invitation to do this.

  2. 2

    You can’t trust a guy whose birthday is July 13th! I know this for a fact because I was born on July 13th and I can’t be trusted. Nice interview.

  3. 3

    It is my hope that SFP eventually bags an AZ piggy to supplement the bird meat.
    On second thought a post on the prickly pear margarita might be nice too.

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