June 29, 2016

A Visual Excuse

Yellowstone fly fishingThe above picture is my excuse for the lack of posts on the OBN recently.

I have no doubt all you Outdoor Souls will understand.

A quick thank you goes out to Howard from Windknots & Tangled Lines
for keeping the OBN Facebook page going while I was gone.

I noticed on his posts that the OBN may have been experiencing technical difficulties while I was gone.
If you’ve had issues, let me know in the comments below.

Regular OBN features will commence shortly!

I hope you ALL have had a great September so far…

Rebecca ~ a bit beat up, tired and covered in band-aides but extremely happy right now…

About Rebecca

When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    You definitely deserve the break with all the work you do around here. Looks like you were having fun.

    One issue I’ve been running into is in the “Community News Section.” I will enter all the data and try to upload it, but I keep getting the error message that says “Value can only contain alphabetic letters.” This happens even when I have no numbers in the description or title. I hope I’m not crazy. Thanks for your help and all you do here on the OBN.


    • 2

      Ben, does it do it every time you try to post?

      • 3

        It’s happened for the past several weeks. I’ve stopped trying at this point because I have tried all combinations. With picture and without. tags and no tags. numbers and no numbers. punctuation and no punctuation. I don’t know what my problem is but it doesn’t seem to like me very much. Thanks Rebecca.


  2. 4

    Help…I cannot post today on the Comm. News…It keeps timing out on me. I tried it at home and at work on a faster computer…??? Can’t post my newest story!! Thanks!

  3. 7

    Rebecca – that’s a beautiful photo of you!

  4. 8


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