June 26, 2016

Featured Outdoor Blogs of the Week ~ 9/10

Our first featured Outdoor Blog is:

and a strong cup of coffee ~ Thoughts on being a hunting woman in Maine

Lots of great photography accompanies each blog post about…a variety of things! Life during the hunt, Woman in the Oudoors, camping adventures and so much more.

Updated often, always enjoyable. Give this great Outdoor Blog a visit today.

Our second featured Outdoor Blog is: 

The Nature of Hiking All About Hiking; Nature, Trails, Beauty, Birds, Animals, BushCraft, Survival, Planning, and Fitness

Visit this blog and before you know it, you’ve learned a thing or two. The blend of pictures, commentary and variety make this Outdoor blog a fun and interesting visit. Updated often (scroll below the introduction post) and always interesting.

This is a great blog for your daily RSS feed dose of goodness.

The final featured Outdoor Blog is: 

Ray Mears & Woodlore Blog ~ This is the official bushcraft & outdoor activity blog of Ray Mears & Woodlore.

This is a mixture of stories and adventures from their Bushcraft school. It also makes me wish I could sign up for one of their courses and test my hand out in the art of survival.

This Outdoor blog shows how a business can successfully blend their ‘product’ with a friendly commentary that is always interesting to the visitor.

Well done to all 3 of these Outdoor Bloggers. 

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