June 27, 2016

Quickfire Outdoor Interview: …and a strong cup of coffee

Name or Online Code Name: Erin

Blog URL: …and a strong cup of coffee

1) Outdoor Activity of choice?  deer hunting

2) Outdoor Mornings. Up at 5 a.m.? 6…7…8…9…Or when the sun heats up the tent and you can’t take it anymore? 4:30ish. I am usually sitting in my tree seat before it is light out.

3) Snicker Bar or Granola Bar on the trail? Snickers. Or whatever is left of the Halloween candy.

4) Your Birthday is coming. What outdoor (dream) present should we all chip in to buy you this year? An Elk hunt for two. I don’t care where we go but Dad needs to come along! It is one thing he said he wants to hunt at some point in his lifetime. It would be an amazing trip for the two of us to go elk hunting together. And my birthday is during hunting season =)

5) Seven days in the Alaskan Wilderness or Seven days on a Tropical Beach? Alaskan Wilderness. No question!

6) What kind of Outdoor Store would you own? A hunting/fishing store that would have a little bit of everything and an endless pots of hot coffee for folks to come in and share their stories.

7) Finish this sentence: When I was a little kid, I loved to go outside and... play in the ponds and streams around my house. I would collect frogs and tadpoles in the spring and move them to other ponds. I helped with the cross breeding in the neighborhood.

8) Do you have an Outdoor related item that is priceless to you? What is it and why? I dont have them yet, but my Dad’s gun collection has my name on it. There are guns from both sides of my family that go back a couple generations, my Dad’s first gun and my grandfather’s gun that he gave to me after I shot my first deer. All have great stories and great family history attached to them. I also keep the tag and shell from every deer I have killed.

9)  Fill in the blank. When I head outdoors I need to have_________________with me? my camera and bug spray with as much deet as possible.

10) What’s the story behind your blog name? I started my blog a few years ago and wanted to pick something that described me. I was in grad school and having a conversation about classes. I said something about being able to handle the upcoming test as long as I had a strong cup of coffee.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that coffee goes along with everything; hiking… and a strong cup of coffee, hunting…and a strong cup of coffee, work… and a strong cup of coffee. About a year ago I started blogging seriously about hunting and even though there is nothing in the title that would make you think it is an outdoor blog, I like it and think it works.

Courage Level Question:  It’s You and a Grizzly Bear face to face on the trail. Knowing yourself, will you 1) Hold your ground and see who blinks first 2) throw your gear at the Grizzly and run for your life or 3) faint on the spot?

I would probably freeze. But if the bear blinks first, I would throw my gear and back up quickly. And be grateful that I live in Maine – Black bears instead of Grizzly bears!

Thank you for playing along Erin! 

Be sure to visit Erin at her blog …and a strong cup of coffee

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When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


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    Chris Huston says:

    Very nice blog! Nice to see other people from Maine blogging about the outdoors. Thanks to the OBN for introducing us all to each other!


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