June 30, 2016

Quickfire Outdoor Interview: Meanderthals

Name or Online Code Name: Jeff
Blog URL:  Meanderthals: A Hiking Blog1) Outdoor Activity of choice? Hiking. I love the wild places. Whether it’s a high mountain vista, a roaring waterfall, a red rock canyon, or the deepest forest, I love the serenity that wilderness presents.2) Outdoor Mornings. Up at 5 a.m.? 6…7…8…9…Or when the sun heats up the tent and you can’t take it anymore? Basically whenever dawn is. That’s the best light for photos and wildlife. They say the early bird catches the worm, but they also get cooler air, the trail to themselves, and the kiss of the morning dew.3) Snicker Bar or Granola Bar on the trail? Granola. Chocolate and my stomach don’t get along well.

4) Your Birthday is coming. What outdoor (dream) present should we all chip in to buy you this year? Donations to those organizations who help protect our wild places like NFF, NPCA, LNT, Land Conservancies, etc.

5) Seven days in the Alaskan Wilderness or Seven days on a Tropical Beach? Alaska, but in the summer. The scenery is breathtaking. Beach to me means sand; sand in your drink, sand in your shoes, sand in your eyes, sand.

6) What kind of Outdoor Store would you own? A general purpose supply store in a small mountain town that is near one of the thru hiking trails. I’d want to be a trail angel.

7) Finish this sentence: When I was a little kid, I loved to go outside and… swing on the grapevines in the woods. I grew up in the Appalachians and the forest was right out my back door. When I wasn’t searching for crawdads in the creeks, I was looking for arrowheads in the outcrops. But I always would swing on the grapevines.

8) Do you have an Outdoor related item that is priceless to you? What is it and why? One of my online friends sent me a painted cobblestone, known as a summit stone. It is painted and mixed with the unknowns of the adventure, “tiny particles of desert, bits of crumbled leaves, perhaps ash from old campfires, maybe a strand of some wild one’s fur, and pure ocean water; the seeping moisture of desert tears and crystals likely never touched before, last years wind dried alpine flowers and aged old pine needles.” All this, and the love of wild places are in my summit stone.

9)  Fill in the blank. When I head outdoors I need to have a camera with me?

10) What’s the story behind your blog name? Meanderthals actually resulted from one of my regular hiking companions being tongue tied one day. He was trying to say Neanderthals meandering and it came out as Meanderthals. It’s a combination of “meander” which means to walk slowly with no apparent destination, and “Neanderthal” which refers to something old, ancient or prehistoric. We are a small band of grey-haired misfits who love the wilderness, and wander aimlessly throughout the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains.

Courage Level Question:  It’s You and a Grizzly Bear face to face on the trail. Knowing yourself, will you 1) Hold your ground and see who blinks first 2) throw your gear at the Grizzly and run for your life 3) faint on the spot or 4) describe your plan…

I imagine myself as likely being frozen in place from sheer terror. I know what they tell you to do, but whether my brain would function properly faced with the situation is totally unknown. Provided I survived the encounter, I would definitely check my pants for foreign matter.

Thank You Jeff for stepping into the ring of fire this week! Great job on a fantastic blog. 

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    You’re bear answer is much more honest than mine would be! LOL

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