June 29, 2016

OBN Notes: Kayak Anglers Choice Awards, Outdoor Giveaways

I’m back!

Ok, so maybe it’s 5:30 a.m. and this post is just another quick follow up before I spend 10 days pretending computers were never invented. Onward…

Are you a Kayak Blogger? Do you follow Kayak Blogs? I just got this in the email box and wanted to make sure none of you missed it.

Second annual kayak anglers choice awards: The awards are a joint effort of YakAngler.com and Kayakfishingradio.com in an attempt to rally all kayak anglers across the spectrum to vote for what they think are the best people, places, and products in our industry.

This year we added last “late in the nomination phase” the Kayak Angling Blog/Blogger of the year”. This is where we need you help, because of the late addition of the top Blog category we have not received many nominations. I was hoping you could spread the word about this to all the bloggers that follow OBN. Nominations will be closed by the end of this week!

To submit a nomination they just need to go to www.yakangler.com/choice

Go nominate some Kayak Blogs! I KNOW there are a lot of fantastic ones out there.

Outdoor Giveaways: 

Click this Photo…Visit The SoCal Bowhunter ~~ WIN

I noticed over on The SoCal Bowhunter he is giving away some Cobrabraid Bracelets. These bracelets are becoming pretty popular around the Outdoor Community so get in on this chance to grab one of your own.

Tales of a Mountain Mama is giving away a Quik Wrapz. Go read what a Quick Wrapz is about and get in on your chance to win one.

Last Note: I’ve decided to turn off the moderation for the Community News section. While I’m gone all submitted news WILL auto post. This means no one has to wait while I’m gone. This also means that if a lowly spammer sniffs out the open gate they’ll have a heyday.

I’m gambling on my spam protection program to keep them out.

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