June 25, 2016

Fall River Bamboo Fly Rod Update

From the Blog of Dry Flies & Fat Tires

It’s been awhile since I did an update about the traveling custom Bamboo fly rod from Fall River Flyrods, that we also partnered with Montana Fly Company and RIO to send around the country to 15 Outdoor Bloggers.

If you missed how this all happened, you can check out the details here and here.

The rod is gathering up memories and adding to the rods special brand of unique. Sometime this fall (once everyone has had a chance to catch some fish) I’ll be setting up a live webcast for anyone to tune in online, share more stories and watch me pick the lucky winner of the entire set up.

Until then, feel free to visit these great write ups:

From The View from Fish in a Barrel Pond:

Bamboopalooza, Part 1: Fall River Flyrods “South Fork” is Not Your Grandfather’s Rod

Bamboopalooza, Part II: Fall River Rods “South Fork” Meets Your Grandfather’s Rod

From A Year on the Fly:

Fall River Bamboo – A Day Of Beautiful Things

From The Naturalist’s Angle:

Bamboo in ‘Bama: playing host to the OBN Fall River Fly Rod

From the Blog A Year on the Fly

From Dispatches from the Potomac:

One Fly Rod, Fifteen Anglers: A Journey

From of Dry Flies & Fat Tires:

grass in da house

far and fine

never the same

From Arizona Wanderings:

Rambling Review: Fall River Bamboo Fly Rod “South Fork”

From Fontinalis Rising:

Gone Bamboo

The Bamboo and I

From Waterdog Journal

I’ve been waiting for you…

Fall River Fly Rod Yard Test

Fall River Fly Rod River Test

The Fall Rod will be visiting these blogs in the very near future:

Brookfield Angler

Southern Utah Hunt and Fish

The Photography of Brian Schiele 


Unaccomplished Angler

Chucking Line and Chasing Tail

Hooked Up Films

The Travel Tube is Looking Good! Photo from the blog Waterdog Journal

Thank You again to  Fall River Flyrods,  Montana Fly Company and RIO for their support of this almost year long project!

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  1. 1

    Today, next two days, both weekend days and a couple more next week. All the days I’ll be fishing it. Doing a meet and greet on Saturday and invited a bunch of fly rodders out to wave it around.

    Got skunked on the ponds today, but I expected that. I hate ponds. I fish rivers and creeks for smallies. Nothing else compares.

    Having a blast with this so far. Nice equipment indeed.

  2. 4

    Hey Rebecca- great write ups all. I did post another write up called “The Bamboo and I” if you’d like to share it.


    Thanks. It has been fun following its progress thus far. JT

  3. 6
    mtbbrian says:

    I h ave enjoyed reading each and every post too. I can’t wait to have my turn with it. I have been giving a lot of thought as to what I will do on my blogsite.

  4. 7

    It’s been on one Hell of a journey! I only wish I could have fished half the water this thing has been on. By the time it is done I bet it has hooked into more gills and more species than any other bamboo rod out there. What a great test and I am proud to be part of it.

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