July 1, 2016

Featured Outdoor Bloggers of the Week 8/6

I’m still working out the kinks in the Outdoor Blogger Community News Section (recently upgraded…errr…messed up) so bear with me everyone.

Up first we wanted to highlight the Outdoor Blog The Impractical FishermanFishing lakes and rivers in and out of my kayak in Central California. I fish for bass, trout, and what ever else is hitting.

This Fishing blog is updated often, it always has a great visual photo (or two) to accompany Daniels written observations and the outdoor adventures are plenty.

I call this a well rounded blog that puts a smile on my face no matter what he writes about. Plus…I want that shirt that was featured in his latest post!

The next featured Outdoor Blog is The Backcountry LlamaThe Backcountry Llama Blog covers llama packing specifically and the great outdoors in general.

I admit that I don’t know much about Llamas, but by visiting this Outdoor blog I sure discover all the reasons I would love to have a few mixed in with my outdoor excursions.

Interesting animals and a fantastic Outdoor blog that shines a light on what life Outdoors can be like with such companions along.

Learn something new today, take a peek at this cool blog and watch for those Llamas in the Outdoors.

The final featured Outdoor Blog is The Sportsman’s Wife ~ The wife of The Sportsman and Momma to Sportsman in Training. I am passionate about the outdoors, parenting,stay-at-home mom’ing, gardening, cooking, nutrition, kayaking, travel, DIY’ing, sewing, and most important building lasting relationships.

What a fun Outdoor Blog! There is a great variety to be found within it’s posts: Recipes, Conservation, Observations, Activities, and so on…Written with a great perspective and one of those blogs that you never know what the next blog post is going to be about, it’s a treat to anyone who becomes a regular reader.

It’s updated often, so make sure you get this one on your RSS feeder so you don’t miss out.

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