June 26, 2016

Community News Section (erased) Updated

I couldn’t resist the available program update on our ever reliable Community News Section software.

Upgrades are always scary because one never knows exactly how the program will work afterwards.

Quite often I upgrade things around here on the OBN  and it goes smooth, quickly and no one ever knows I’ve been in tinkering.

Sometimes the site (and subsequently me) have a meltdown after an upgrade and I frantically fix things.

The newly upgraded Community News Section is up and running fine now.

However, during the upgrade, apparently erasing all the recent submissions was the price of admission.

Sorry about that everyone!! Hindsight and all that…

The system allows for 25 submission shown, so I’ve tried 2 as test posts and now I just need everyone to fill up all those spaces, test out the new system and let me know if you encounter any issues, quirks, annoyances etc.

Also, the system has a line of defense against spammers which requires a poster to have one approved submission before their post goes up automatically.

The system made me approve myself so I have a bad feeling that I’m going to need to approve everyone all over again. So if you fall into ‘waiting approval status’ know that I’ll get you set asap and from there on out you should be able to post with no pauses.

That’s it.

A late night note.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!


(p.s. If you haven’t been using the Community News Section to promote your most recent Blog posts, you should! It’s easy, it brings your website traffic and you can find new blogs as well.
Just visit the side bar, scroll down and fill out the Submission Form. )

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  1. 1

    Just uploaded a submission – you have to approve. It’s gonna be a tedious process for you with all the submissions!

    • 2

      Yep! I just woke up and the first thing I did was look to see if anyone tried the new system and everyone who previously could post without delay was sitting in pending status.

      I’m home for the week, so hopefully I can keep those approval times really short.

      I also see the link is doing something different. It’s turned into a two clicker and hopefully I can fix that. The settings on this program are pretty minimal.

      • 3

        Ahh…you be right, mon! It is a 2 clicker…and a confusing one at that. I’m sure you can work your magic little fingers and fix it. You are the OBN master!

        • 4

          Well I appreciate the faith…but wow, I’ve looked over all the programming and I don’t see where to fix it back to the old way.

          I’ll keep tinkering with it, hit the software people who made the program (and upgrade) up about this issue and see if I can fix it.

          Sometimes improvements are Good! Sometimes they fall into the ‘I wish I had never fell for the update program option’ category.

  2. 5

    Completed fields always returned with “only alphabetic characters error”

    • 6

      By any chance does your fields ‘auto-fill’ with your information? (Troubleshooting here and wishing I had ignored the allure of an upgrade)

      • 7

        No auto fill-in’s, but my word press signed-in appears at the top of the form. Tried to post a blog using both the signed in form and not signed in form, both returned field errors of (paraphrased) “only alphabetic characters allowed” and “80 word/character minimum required”

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