June 27, 2016

Yellowstone and Beyond…

Hey everyone! I know it’s been quiet here on the OBN for awhile and I’ll offer up these two  (totally legit) words.


I cannot resist the allure of Summer. It’s what I spend the rest of my year working my behind off so I can enjoy it to the max.

Marc and Steve….Still smiling despite our Bear Encounter just minutes before!

Sunday I returned home from a week up in Yellowstone National Park hanging out with some pretty amazing people. I had the honor and privilege of meeting several bloggers who were part of the  Trout UnlimitedSimms, the Yellowstone Park Foundation and the Outdoor Blogger Network  Blogger Tour 2012.

Including the two grand prize winners Steve of Sipping Emergers and Marc of the Perfect Drift.

Meeting new people is always exciting, but also a nervous occasion for me. It’s one thing to feel a connection with someone by reading their Outdoor blog, it’s another thing to take that familiarity and connect it face to face.

On the Blogger Tour, I think it took all of 30 minutes with the whole group to know I was with ‘my people’ and the entire week was going to be amazing. Which it was indeed…

Connecting with, hanging out with, laughing with and experiencing the Outdoors with so many other Bloggers really inspired me to get the show on the road with an official OBN gathering next year. I even got commitments of help from a few people who know their way around coordinating such a large event.

If an OBN gathering of Outdoor Bloggers is half as fun as the week I just experienced with a few bloggers, I’d say we are all in for a huge treat.

Rebecca (p.s. I have 273 OBN emails to catch up on, so if you’re in that line up…I’m getting there!) 

Bruce Smithhammer, Karen Kress, Kirk Deeter, Marc Payne, Chris Hunt, Rebecca, Steve Zakur

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When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    I can’t hardly wait to hear more about this incredible week!

  2. 4

    When you get back you might want to click on the Outdoor Groups. Some interesting groups formed.

    I can use some new red bottom shoes.

    It can wait till you get through all the email. I don’t think many will be joining those groups.


    • 5

      I just took them down.

      Darn Spammers!!!

      Although, those red bottom shoes looked almost interesting =)

      Thanks for the heads up.

  3. 6

    Rebecca – Thanks for hosting such a great event on OBN and a big thanks to the sponsors. Not only was it a great group to meet and fish with but the venue and the challenges facing native species is a far more compelling tale than I originally expected. Like you, I’ve gotta get caught up on some work but I should begin the posts in a couple of days.

  4. 7

    Sure looks like a great group and great fun. I’m saving vacation time next year so I can be a part of one of the western get-togethers. MT was awesome but I’ll bet it would even be more fun with you guys around.

  5. 8

    Ok…Patiently waiting for the email rundown…maybe by Fri., you will get to mine! = ) And yes, let’s definitely get the ball rolling on the OBN extravaganza! It’s time for a party…

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