June 26, 2016

Friday Notes – on Saturday!!

OK, so I’m not as organized and punctual as Rebecca. Sorry, but I’m the best you’ve got until she gets back from Yellowstone, or Jellystone, or wherever she is.  It rained all evening so I had to give the Shark’s Teeth a rest.

I just wanted to post a quick Friday Night Notes to call out a few noteworthy items and throw in a few random observations.

First up, Rory over at R-Dub Outdoors reviewed a Bug Balm from Nature  Balance Wellness.  He liked it so much that he’s giving one away.  Read the review and enter to win by clicking HERE.

Another long time OBN’er is Ben Smith at Arizona Wanderings.  He has a new batch of very cool T-shirts that he has on a special Sale Price until TOMORROW.  Click HERE to see them.


I just finished adding the blogs who recently applied to be a part of the OBN.  The tally of blogs is now over 1,450 and continues to amaze me when I look at all of them.  They run the gamut from professionally written to very basic, but overall I believe they are outstanding.  A few from the new batch that caught my eye, and a few words about them.  You can click on the name of any of the blogs mentioned to be directed to their website.

Hippo Tusk Blog  -  I just love the name!  A camping blog

Stream Hugger  -  a conservation blog from PA written by a Lehigh and Penn St. grad who lives near the Little Lehigh.  Hmmm – I used to live in PA, fished the Little Lehigh, attended both Lehigh and Penn St. ..  how could it not be great???

Simply Canoe  – A UK canoeing blog.  I’m still awed by the International aspect of the OBN

Sipping Dries  -  Another great Fly Fishing blog.  And another one from Idaho.  With more great pictures and writing.

NC Outdoor Ramblings - most hunt and fish blogs fall to one side or the other – this one has a really nice mix of both.

West Cork Bass Fishing – I looked at the title, and couldn’t figure out if it was about fishing for bass with shiners (under a cork) or what it was.  When I read the piece it bacame obvious that it is a well done blog from Ireland about sea bass fishing in Cork.  Of course!

Finally, a few comments- I really don’t take (or have ) the time to keep up with every blog on our Directory.  It would be a complete full time job.  But I’m always pleasantly surprised when I DO take the time to explore those pages and find some new gems.  Make a little bit of time to check some of them out, and, if you like what you see, comment on the post.  We now have 100 registered Photography blogs.  If you want to see some absolutely outstanding Outdoor Photography, click on HERE and browse.  You will be amazed at what you see.

Have a great weekend doing whatever it is you get to do.







  1. 1

    Thanks for the mention! I’m glad to be a part of the OBN, I read a lot of the blogs on the OBN and they helped inspire me to start mine.

  2. 2

    I completely understand the amount of work you must have to do Joe, I to run a forum which takes up tremendous amounts of time and sometimes the time you spend on these tasks can seem a little unappreciated by those using them. Having a place to promote your blog is a fantastic idea and OBN does a stirling job of just that. I have learnt so much from viewing posts and other blogs in my short time as a member here. Thank you for accepting and including “Simply Canoe” in the OBN Directory I feel strangely successful and just a little more inspired to crack on now!

    To all those involved with OBN a big huge thanks, your hard work is very much appreciated!


    PS. Sorry for doubling up on the submission, this was not intentional, I hadn’t realised the first one had worked.

  3. 3

    Thanks so much for the shout out on my t-shirts. I appreciate the support.


  4. 4
    Scott Alderfer says:

    Hey Joe! Thanks for the kind words about the Stream-Hugger blog. Great to hear from another Penn State/Lehigh alum who has fished the Little Lehigh!

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