June 30, 2016

Winners of the AFTCO, Berkley, SpiderWire GearReview Opportunities

I wasn’t even sure if I could remember how to access the RNG.  I fumbled a bit, put in a few wrong url’s, but eventually …

SUCCESS! We have winners!

Without further ado,  here you go:

AFTCO package 1  -  #8 – Josh Mills

AFTCO Package 2  -  #3 – Nick at Brookfield Angler

AFTCO / Guy Harvey package  -  #22 – Patrick Cooney – The Fisheries Blog

Berkley Schooling Rig  -  #7 – Bill Howard

Berkley NanoFil  -  #12 – Slab Seeker

Spider Wire Stealth Braid  -  #20  Randy Breth – Ozark Outdoor Journal

Congrats Winners! We look forward to reading about your experiences on your blog. Here’s the drill – you need to send us an email with your address and the specifics of your winning package.  Each one of these – except the Schooling Rig – needs some more information.  Let us know your size, color preference (along with a second choice) , your choice of # test for the line.  We’ll get the info out t othe suppliers, and pretty soon, you’ll have your new gear. Please visit the links in your packages from the original Gear Review post to pick sizes and then use the contact form above to send us all the details (INCLUDING which package you won) that you can think we’d need to get you the great stuff you won.


Thanks to all for the continued support of the OBN – we really appreciate it!



  1. 1

    Heck freakin yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks OBN and AFTCO!!!

  2. 2

    cool beans!

  3. 3

    Great job Nick!!

  4. 5

    cant wait until the next one!

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