June 26, 2016

Featured Outdoor Bloggers ~ 6/11

How about a fresh round of Featured Outdoor Bloggers….

First up, let us introduce you to:

Outdoors Down South Humorous hunting and fishing stories from the real Florida.

There’s a real variety of outdoor adventures and commentary in this blog. You can count on a photo or two to compliment the post and bring together the whole picture for you as a reader.

Updated often, always interesting, we suggest you get this outdoor blog on your RSS Feeder!

Next Up, make sure you visit:

Fishing Through LifeFishing Through Life fly fishing for trout, bass, bluegill, and crappie. In other words I fish the fly for just about everything that swims.

Another Outdoor Blog that is updated often, with plenty of descriptive commentary and lots of pictures to compliment the stories.

Find out what fishing life is like for this blogger by visiting often. Don’t miss out!

And our final Outdoor Blog: 

Wildlifist ~ Wildlife encounters and photography in Northern California and beyond. Emphasis on raptors and mammals on land and sea. Discusses wildlife spotting strategy and animal behavior

When you need a daily dose of wildlife, look no further. Check out the beautiful photography on this blog. Get up close and personal with the critters that watch us as we enjoy the lands they call home.

For the record, looking at bears this way is the best way (in my humble opinion) to appreciate bears….

 Well done to all 3 of these Outdoor Bloggers!!

About Rebecca

When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    Wow. Thanks for featuring my blog!!! And for the kind words!!

  2. 3

    My bud, Bill…from “Fishing Through Life” is a must read for anyone dabbling in fishing or flyfishing… He has fished almost every species, it seems! And does it well.

  3. 4

    Front Page!!!! —–That is awesome, thanks for the feature.

    • 5

      You are most welcome and the feature is well deserved. The River Damsel is right, you fish for it all and we are the lucky ones that get to read about it ~

  4. 6

    I can’t wait to get a look at these blogs. They look great. I already read Fishing Through Life…Bill is my second favorite “old coot.”

  5. 7
    Patrick Cooney says:

    Excellent featured Blogs!!! Keep up the great work folks, and thank you Rebecca for your keen eye.

    I grew up in Northern California, but moved away 15 years ago, and miss the animals out West. Thank you Wildlifist for the incredible images that bring back fond memories. Those three badgers were great, and the videos were hilarious.

    When I moved, I went to Florida for 8 years, so I really enjoy “Outdoors Down South” and the Florida hunting and fishing stories on the Apalachicola River where I have fished a lot for work and fun (there are some big sturgeon in that river, and big bass in Lake Seminole).

    Finally, as someone who loves bluegill fishing (I just spent the last two nights teaching some students how to fillet all of the bluegill we caught during a class excercise), I loved reading about “Fishing Through Life” and his quest for slab bluegill. You are almost there buddy!

  6. 8

    Thanks, Patrick! Hope you get back down to Florida soon. (And I hope we still have a river left when you get here.) I really appreciate your kind words.

  7. 9

    The Wildlifist is an awesome and lovely blog.

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