June 28, 2016

Reader Approved Outdoor Blog Posts

The following Outdoor Blog posts were submitted by readers to the OBN to be highlighted. If you see your blog post below, you should know someone out there really enjoyed it and wanted to share it with everyone!

Well done to ALL of You...

Fish On Top: Reader Notes ~ Day in and Day out these guys post some solid writing, better photos, and make it all fun without being to serious. Good stuff.

Quill Gordon and the Nonesuch Mountain Howler: Reader Note ~ Quill is one of the most talented writers around. This story one of the funniest I’ve read…ever.

Mockingbird Sings: Reader Note ~ A video to listen to, a bird to appreciate.

The Great Debate, Animal Head Decor: Reader Notes ~ Raises a good debate: do hunting trophies belong in the home of the non-hunter? The game trophy as art/decor/design.

Running and Gunning: Reader Note ~ What I love about Kens writing is his attention to detail and all the pictures that go along with his posts. It really takes you to his stomping grounds.

Inspired Camping: Reader Notes ~ It’s a bit different vintage eco & great pictures. It’s my best camping site right now.

The Shark Tooth Gods Smiled: Reader Notes ~ Has Joe gone from fisherman to shark tooth hunter? His wife gives him a run for the shark teeth.

The Beginner Package For The Fly Fisherman on a Budget: Reader Notes ~ This is some awesome advise the a beginner fly fisherman that Bill Trussell was kind enough to write up in response to a question I asked about what a first timer should buy to get started.

Farewell to a Season: Reader Note ~ A cool photo type tribute to a season of steelhead fishing

Sometimes being at the Lake Sucks: Reader Note ~ A tale of kids growing up and away.

 A Bridge Season: Reader Note ~ Masterful work from a really good guy.

Making Tupelo Honey: My Season with the Bees: Reader Note ~ Great post about working with bees growing up in the South. Just a little different than the usual “shot a deer, caught a fish” post.

New Study Confirms that Hiking Sparks Creativity: Reader Note ~ Need another reason to go hiking? Read this post.

Work For It: Reader Note ~ Told like this, one fish is worth it.

Big Fish Story: Reader Note ~ A story of a daughter and dad fishing, a great story.

Where Rivers are Born: Reader Note ~ I enjoy everything Walt writes, this was a good one.

Decisions: Reader Note ~ Some days you don’t brave the storm and go home, some days you take a chance.

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We call that good Outdoor Blogging Karma.

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    I’d like to thank whoever nominated me. It’s a thrill to be picked and really nice to know that people like some of my posts.

  2. 2

    I agree with Kim. Such a kind gesture across the campfire!

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    Proud to be included on a list like this. Thanks for the nod!

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    Humbled, here, to be included in this list of fine work. Thank you.

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