June 27, 2016

Friday Notes – A TEASER, of sorts

Rebecca usually posts the Friday Notes here at the OBN, but today I’m putting up my own version.  So – no pretty graphics, no cool hyperlinks.  Just ramblings from Joe.  Yes, this may truly go down in history as the day the OBN jumped the shark.  And, yes, it IS Monday, so that makes this a truly unique version of Friday Notes!

The main focus of the notes this week is a “heads-up” of sorts.  As all of you faithful followers know, we have managed , through some weird alignment of the stars (with a dose of hard work thrown in), to bring some pretty special, unique opportunities to you, the OBN bloggers.  Among them have been the Writing Contest last year where a bunch of you were hosted by TU and experienced some great fishing and camaraderie in Montana, and the famous launch of the Fall River Fly Rod Journey of 2012.

If I told you that we had even more truly spectacular stuff in the works, would you believe me?  You should.

We have a coupe of writing contest in the works, to be announced very soon.  One in particular I will hint at here:

“Do you have fond memories of Camping as a child?  With your children or friends?  Is camping still your favorite form of getting away from it all?  Do any of those Camping memories involve COLEMAN???

I’d suggest you dig through your old pictures and get the creative juices flowing – big things on the horizon here at the OBN.

Stay tuned – you won’t want to miss it.



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    Camping is indeed a great way to get away. We do it every year for Robin’s Birthday.

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