June 27, 2016

OBN Friday Notes: 4/27

SpringWhoa, where did April go?

The good news is Spring finally came to my region…FINALLY!

Until I figure out where April disappeared, how about a weekly roundup..

Around the OBN this week: 

Outdoor Blogging TipsBlogging Tips: A Word On Comments a post that basically points you in the direction of Brookfieldangler.com who wrote up a great post about the benefits of comments in blogs. Enjoy!

Outdoor Conservation: Guest post for bloggers: Sportsmen Descend on DC to Save Bristol Bay (this is a post that you can copy and re-post on your blog to spread the word) & National Fish Habitat Partnership Announces 2012 Waters to Watch (is your favorite water on the list?)

Outdoor Talk: Kickstarter Support: Olive the Woolly Bugger App (funded!) Getting Real with Tuna TV (a guess post by GreenFish…reality TV and the Outdoors)

Outdoor Gear Reviews:  aquaFire Fishing has posted a review of the Glacier Outdoor Ice Bay Gloves here. We re-posted it on the gear log here. The ice may be off now, but now you KNOW what to wear next year!

The Reverend Fowl™ has posted his review of the Magnum’s New Spider Boots here. We have re-posted it on the gear log here.

Can I just say it again? The Reverend Fowl™ takes the coolest gear review pictures and awhile back, he wrote a guest post for us all on his techniques: Photographing Outdoor Gear The Shooting Table Technique.  Beyond that, these boots were made for walking!

Outdoor Support: There’s another cool kickerstarter program out there if you’re in the mood for kicking off a new company. Check out FORSAKE: Waterproof Outdoor Sneakers and see if you’d like to be part of the first wave in this new breed of footwear.

Bamboo Fly Rod Update: Have you wondered whats become of the Fall River Flyrod promotion?

It’s down in Arizona and the first teaser post was put up by Ben of Arizona Wanderings. Check out the post at: Fall River Fly Rod

New Book: Mark – known to many of us as Shoreman, the author of the blog Northern California Trout, and a long time OBN supporter, is having his first book published!

Find out more about his new book  HERE.  Congratulations, Mark!

Ok, that’s it for this week.

I hope everyone else knows where April went and you’re looking forward to what May will bring.

I know Joe and I are excited for May around the OBN because we have some pretty amazing promotions headed everyone’s way!

That was sorta a tease. I know. I can’t help it sometimes.

Anyway, have a great weekend every!

Rebecca and Joe

A Last Minute Note: The gear review for this week went out later than usual (this morning) so don’t miss out on your chance for:

Blackhawk Sportster Bipods!

The comments for this opportunity will be open until Monday Night.
(please leave a comment on the post if you are interested)

 ~Good Luck ~

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