June 30, 2016

Quickfire Outdoor Interview: Mia Anstine – My Many Outdoor Adventures

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1) Outdoor Activity of choice? Riding my horse to someplace I’ve never seen before. Generally this occurs when I am hunting, fishing or scouting all of which are my passion. I also enjoy photography, shooting, guiding and mentoring.

2) Outdoor Mornings. Up at 5 a.m.? 6…7…8…9…Or when the sun heats up the tent and you can’t take it anymore? Say what?! I don’t see an appropriate outdoor morning time in the list. An average day entails Mia waking up at 4am. When it is an “outdoor morning’ it’s generally 3am. We saddle the horses and we head out to hunt. When the sun comes up it is close to nap time.

3) Snicker Bar or Granola Bar on the trail? Granola bar. Generally a peanut butter one because I have to share with my loyal steed, Cowboy, aka Mr Man. His favorite are the ones in the orange wrapper… YEP! He can see the colors. <wink! wink!

4) Your Birthday is coming. What outdoor (dream) present should we all chip in to buy you this year? If you all are rich, and you are going to pitch in, I would thank you so much for buying me a dall sheep hunt. All hunts or shooting events are fabulous, but I would be most appreciative if you sent me after one with lots of curl.

5) Seven days in the Alaskan Wilderness or Seven days on a Tropical Beach? I’m pretty sure anyone who knows me knows this answer. I would head to the Alaskan Wilderness to chase moose, brown bear, caribou and (see above) dall sheep, in a heart beat.

6) What kind of Outdoor Store would you own? Any one that sells PROIS Hunting & Field apparel for women, firearms, fishing equipment, archery equipment and has shooting ranges. P.S. It would cater to women and children with out a doubt.

7) Finish this sentence: When I was a little kid, I loved to go outside and… Visit with Mother Nature. My dog and I would head out early in the day and mom wouldn’t see the two of us until dark. I have so many great memories from my child hood. Running the hills or fishing the San Juan. I had the life

8 ) Do you have an Outdoor related item that is priceless to you? What is it and why? That’s a toss up. I love to have my camera just so I can share adventures with everyone who doesn’t get to be out there. When I am guiding, the only item I can never be with out is my bino’s. They are Swarovski’s and they are priceless because I can see and judge all the animals and tell a client what to shoot or not. I don’t know what I would do without them. Then I need that camera again so I can take a pic of their smiling face! My Prois gear always get me close to the animals!

9) Fill in the blank. When I head outdoors I need to have__my camera__with me. It is so important to take good pictures so I can write about my adventures with my Little Gal over at the Women’s Outdoor News!

10) What’s the story behind your blog name?My Many Outdoor Adventures” Life is an adventure and I like it that way. It is always new and exciting and just when you think you’ve got it down and know what will happen next; it changes and another adventure begins. I love life.

Courage Level Question: It’s You and a Grizzly Bear face to face on the trail. Knowing yourself, will you 1) Hold your ground and see who blinks first 2) throw your gear at the Grizzly and run for your life or 3) faint on the spot?

Number 1! God willing I will have my .45 in hand, my rifle or a bow. I would stand my ground and make a shot that counts. It’s always an adventure!

In my Prois hunting gear with my Merriam tom. 12ga. Benelli Super Black Eagle

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    The ladies of OBN rock. Just goes to show you that you can be attractive and feminine and still do all the outdoors stuff. Very enjoyable.

  2. 2

    What a great interview with one of my favorite blogger and outdoor “sisters” – GO MIA!

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    Way to rock it out Mia! Huntress, horse lover, and adventure taker extraordinaire!

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