June 29, 2016

Winners of the Abu Garcia Gear Review Opportunities



The RNG worked it’s magic and the results came up without  a hitch – perhaps a first for the usually cranky RNG.  So, without further ado, I am pleased to announce the lucky winners of the Abu offerings:


First up – the Veritas Rod  -  #7  – Kim, who writes Snug Harbor Bay.  Congrats Kim!

Next up is the winner of the Abu Revo MGX reel  -  #15  -  Drew Haerer, author of Man Powered Fishing.  Awesome reel, Drew – I am jealous.

Finally, the BIG winner of the rod and reel  -  #  20  -  Chad Huston, writer of Northern Maine Ridge Runners and River Rats.

Congratulations to all, and a huge Thank You to Abu Garcia for their offerings.

Those of you who won rods need to include the model of the rod you would like when you send your shipping info to us.  I would suggest sending a backup model as well, just in case the rod you want is temporarily out of stock.

Winners – send us your address for shipping of the gear you’ve won, and the model desired (if applicable) .  We’ll get it over to Abu and you’ll be on your way with some very cool fishing swag!  Enjoy!


Joe and Rebecca




  1. 1

    Congrats to the winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe that so few people signed up for this one

  2. 2

    This is AWESOME! Thank you so much!!

  3. 3
    Chris Huston says:

    Thank you very much to the great site that is Outdoor Blogger Network and I can’t wait to put an Abu Garcia product of this quality to the test. I have been an Abu addict for years now, and am really looking forward to this!

  4. 4

    I just jumped up and did a happy dance on the couch accompanied by screams of joy! Thanks so much OBN!

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