June 29, 2016

Featured Outdoor Bloggers of the Week ~ 4/23

Bass Fishing HistoryIt’s time to check out Bass Fishing Archives  Come here to read about old Bass Fishing History, Old Bass Tournaments, Old Bass Fishing Ads and other topics related to bass fishing.

It was the pants in this article that hooked me…Bassin’ Fishing – Plaid Edition.  Classy! 8)

Check out this cool twist on a fishing blog that brings back the history of Bass Fishing. Well written, great research and let’s face it, the pictures alone are worth the retro visit down memory lane.

Go forth, enjoy this blog that brings you a blast from the past…

Next up, go check out Rounds and Roses Shooting and outdoors blog, especially for women and young people.

This blog is full of information and some great inspiration.

I love the pictures, I enjoy the commentary and it’s one of those blogs that makes a visitor feel like sitting down and reading for awhile.

Go check it out, especially if you’re a lady or have young ones participating in the shooting world. Get inspired!

The final Featured Outdoor Blog of the week is 1,000 Miles on My Own Two FeetFor every mile I hike, I am bit less couch potato and a bit more outdoorswoman. It’s time to PLAY OUTSIDE. 

I love the writing of this blogger, the details she shares with us about her adventurous outdoors and of course, toss in the complementing pictures and you have a winner of an outdoor blog.

If  you are a hiker, if you are not, you’ll enjoy this Outdoor Blog for sure…

Well Done To All 3 of these Outdoor Bloggers!

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