June 29, 2016

Top O’ The Monday To You…

spring timeWell hey, Hi, Hello Everyone out there in Cyber Space.

How ya doing?

I’m sure you can tell by the lack of posts around these parts, Joe and I have been otherwise diverted to various other aspects of life and as you all know, we run the OBN from the ‘fun things to do in our spare time’ side of the coin and well…spare time has been coming up on the short side lately.

So I promised myself that today I would stake a claim to 20 minutes for myself and write a quick update. Ta-Da….mission accomplished!

Since I’ve been locked up in my office (cage) I haven’t gotten around to other parts of the country (living vicariously through Outdoor Bloggers) but I do hope that the rest of you are experiencing the Spring that has sprung up here in Idaho.

As I gaze out my open office window (and try not to daydream of rivers and green trees) I see buds blooming on the trees, I hear birds chattering in good spirit and I feel the glorious breath of warm air filtering in. Things are looking up!

In case you missed them earlier, I wanted to mention a couple interior posts that recently hit the OBN airwaves: On Outdoor Blogging Tips

 First Up: River Mud wrote a follow up post to his  When Will Your Blog Grow Up? that you shouldn’t miss. You just shouldn’t…We can all use extra support and help in the Outdoor Blogging aspect of what we do, so head on over to the post Making Your Outdoor Blog Work for You (Part 2 of 2) and get inspired.

Second Up: Paul Schmid of The Healthy Outdoorsman wrote a follow up post to his What SEO Is All About And Why It’s Important To Bloggers (that hopefully you didn’t miss) because part 2 is out. Again, don’t miss out on these wonderful tips/tricks and techniques to successful Outdoor Blogging, so get on over and read his follow up here: SEO For Bloggers Part II: SEO Tips And Tricks

I’ll do my best to get into the swing of things this week. We have a new gear review lined up for Wednesday and I’m thinking a photo prompt with the Spring theme is in order.

Wishing you all the best!!

Rebecca (and Joe)


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