June 30, 2016

Winner of the Sport Science Basic T

The RNG had an easy job to do this weekend and, as usual, it performed flawlessly by picking the one winner for this week’s offering.

The winner of the Sport Science Basic T is #4 – Trey.

Oh man – now it looks rigged.  First he gets his blog highlighted, now he wins the gear review.  We even had “anti-Trey sentiment” from Tony in the comments.  What to do, what to do…   Hmmm – I guess I could re-draw, but that wouldn’t be right on multiple levels.

Nope – the integrity of the RNG must be maintained.  Trey wins

TREY – send us your size and color choice, and we’ll get the information over to Sport Science.

Thanks to Sport Science for this opportunity and all who commented.  With the warm weather we’re all having, I’d be willing to bet that a bunch of fishing gear is poised and ready for the upcoming Gear Review Opportunities!



  1. 1

    Congratulations to Trey. Even if the contest was rigged…….kidding!

  2. 2

    Great, now I get to look forward to all his “I’ve got momentum” and “Chicken Dinner” lines… Make sure he gets a V-neck so he can get his head through, tragic at best…

  3. 3

    Poor Tony! Once again set on the path to loserville! I’ll take a large in blue please! I’ll e mail address tomorrow! Thanks

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