June 30, 2016

Fall River Flyrods and the OBN Announce: A Bamboo Fly Rod Giveaway

Fall River FlyRodsHOLD UP there fly fisherman.

I know what you’re thinking
—Bamboo Fly Rod—Giveaway–I’M IN—
But before you jump to the comment section, you should know.

There is a catch.
An awesome catch.
A very cool catch, but why don’t you watch this video I made first and then we’ll talk turkey…

To Recap the video:

Fall River Flyrods has been busy busy making an extremely special custom Bamboo fly rod for the Outdoor Blogger Network.

About Fall River Flyrods:

Fall River Flyrods is now in our third full-time year building premier custom bamboo and graphite fly rods, without the premium pricing often seen with fly rods of this caliber. We pride ourselves on this fact as it’s our belief that everyone should be afforded the right to fly fish, not just a chosen few.

We also stand behind the craftsmanship of everything we make; should there be an issue relating to workmanship or material defects, we will fix, replace the offending item at no cost other than the return shipping.

Fall River Flyrods believes in giving back to the fly fishing community and is a member of the Henry’s Fork Foundation and Federation of Fly Fisherman; last year we began what we hope will be a long-standing tradition of building and donating one-of-a-kind bamboo fly rods to the Henry’s Fork Foundation for their annual Henry’s Fork Day fundraiser.

In regards to our bamboo fly rods:

custom bamboo fly rodEach bamboo fly rod begins as a top quality bamboo culm which we receive from our supplier who hand picks each piece on site in China. It is then inspected, split, tempered and planed to tolerances of .001″ before being glued into a bamboo fly rod blank.

Each bamboo fly rod is appointed with a natural agate stripping guide set in nickel silver, polished and hand fitted nickel silver ferrules and a nickel silver winding check and reel seat which holds a distinctive wood burl or inlaid wood spacer.

All threads used are the finest Japanese silk, hand wrapped with tedious attention to detail.

Cork handles are turned here in the shop from the finest Portuguese flor grade cork we can get in any profile you like including cigar, western, full-wells, or half-wells. These cork handles are left natural and any pits are not filled with wood glue and cork dust so as to look more authentic.

Each bamboo fly rod comes with hand turned ferrule plugs, a cloth bag and is fitted in a Presentation Grade hardwood hexagonal rod case custom built for the bamboo fly rod to insure your investment will be around for future generations. Custom monograms, engraving, inlays and thread work is available.

Please visit the Fall River Flyrods website for more information and to check their event schedule. They go to a lot of Fly Fishing expos and you should stop by and say hello to them…and get one of their rods in your hands. I have and they are truly works of Fly Fishing Art.

About the Giveaway: Stage 1 

This post marks stage one of this giveaway because this Bamboo Fly Rod is going on a journey to 15 Fly Fishers homes before it settles into the hands of 1 forever…

A Bamboo fly rod like the one made for us is like the holy grail of fly rods. The truth is, most of us have never fly fished with a bamboo rod and only dream of adding one to our fly rod collection.

The Custom Bamboo Fly Rod is a: 2 piece, 2 tip, 8 foot, 5 weight

Today we are collecting comments from Fly Fisherman that would be interested in hosting this Fly Rod in their home for a week or so, fly fishing with it, writing a post or two about your experience…and then send it along to the next fly fisherman.

A Fly Rod package that is kind of like a flat board Stanley that travels the country
Except this is traveling set up is not cardboard, it’s worth over $1600 dollars…..


Madison II Reel - River Rock 5/6

Along with the custom Bamboo fly rod from Fall River Flyrods, we have partnered with Montana Fly Company and RIO to make sure you have everything you need to experience fly fishing at it’s finest.

Montana Fly Company has sent us a beautiful  Madison II Reel – River Rock 5/6 Weight that will go along for the fun.

Be sure to check out the MFC website for all the River Camo reels that are a new level of gorgeous and quality.


RIO Products has sent us a Trout LT DT5F fly line to complete the experience in style.

Be sure to check out RIO’s Three New Lines in their Trout LD Dt series here and start your fly fishing season off right.

Ok, you’ll need to use your own flies…..but otherwise, you’re all set!!

THE FINE PRINT: Starting in March, we will send the entire set up to the first Fly Fisherman. After they have fly fished with it (roughly a week, max 2 weeks) they will be responsible for sending it on to the next Fly Fisherman….and so forth until everyone has had their time.

This means in order to participate in this unique opportunity, you need to understand and agree that there will be a shipping charge involved on  your side. Based on estimates, the cost will range from $15 dollars–20ish dollars for each participant.

You will be financially responsible for sending the Fly Rod on to the next fly fisherman.
You must put shipping insurance of $1600 dollars on the package.

I will do my best to map out the Fly Rods journey so that shipping distances are the shortest/cheapest possible. But hopefully those who want to be part of this opportunity will see a 15/20 dollar shipping charge as a small price to pay to be part of something pretty special AND of course, with the 1 in 15 chance to win the whole set up in the end.

Stage 2:

Will happen this Fall. Once everyone has had a chance to experience the Bamboo fun, 1 of the 15 participants will be chosen as the Grand Prize Winner. They get to keep the Fall River Bamboo fly rod along with the MFC reel and RIO line that has built up what I would call a sentimental history. A traceable history…

Conclusion: We will be actively following along the progress and journey of this set up and spotlighting the entries wrote about each persons experience here on the OBN.

I’m also including a small Moleskin journal along with the package that will travel with the rod. It is my hope that all 15 fly fisherman write a personal note in it and in the end the winner of this giveaway will not only own a Bamboo fly rod. They’ll have a fly rod with some written history behind it.

Time to Comment: If you are interested in being part of this traveling giveaway, leave a comment below. You have until noon, March 7th to get your comment in for a chance at this first round.

Next week we will randomly pick 15 Fly Fisherman from the comments below that this package will travel to and announce them here on the OBN.

A Huge Thank You Goes out to:
Fall River Flyrods ~ On Facebook 
Montana Fly Company ~ On Facebook ~ On Twitter
RIO ~ On Facebook ~ On Twitter

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below!

Promotion only available to those who live in the U.S.A.
Please make sure your blog is listed in the OBN Directory 

About Rebecca

When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    I’m in! Can you tell us what length the rod is?

  2. 4
    Cory Zurcher says:

    What a cool idea! We have done Flat Stanley with our kids. I would love to try a rod out like this I recently gifted one of my best friends a vintage bamboo rod that had been in my family for 30 years. It brought tears to my eyes to give this to my friend because he will cherish the richness and beauty of such a special rod but the real gift is that someday he can give it to someone, maybe a grandson and another generation will learn the joys of Fly Fishing the natural way.

  3. 5
    Blake Geppert says:

    It would be an honor to host such a fine piece of equipment. Today is opening day in MO and I’m itching to get out and wet a line.

  4. 6

    Count me in!

  5. 7

    yeah buddy….lets roll with this, I am game

  6. 8

    I’m in. Great idea and experience for the lucky 15

  7. 9

    I am most definitely interested in this!

  8. 10

    Great idea and look forward to the stories to come.

  9. 11
    Skip Mortensen says:

    I would love the opportunity to try this setup. I have fished cane rods previously and personally have owned one for some 20 years now. I even had the opportunity to use it during the filming of a national cable television show while in central British Columbia. I currently have a cane blank that I need to build up myself.

    I am sure that your setup will out perform the ones I own and am anxious to give it a try !

  10. 12

    I may not fly fish much but I can totally do that!

  11. 13
    Mike Natoli says:

    Great concept. Please enter me in the mix!

  12. 14

    Bamboo is a material I’ve spent almost no time with, a fact I’ve been hoping to change for years now. Just getting some time to appreciate the craftsmanship in person would be worth it. Getting a chance to fish the rod … well, even better. In the coming months, I’ll be fishing streams ranging in size from 10 feet across to hundreds of feet across, with conditions that vary as much as the stream size. It would be interesting, to say the least, to test not only a new rod but a new material on several of these streams.

    In other words, I’d welcome the chance to be a part of this very interesting experiment.

  13. 15

    wow, what a great giveaway- can’t beat that with a (bamboo) stick! Count me in!

  14. 16
    Christian says:

    Would love to host the rod on Bainbridge Island!

  15. 17
    Walt Fulps says:

    I love this idea. Reminds me of those world-travelling teddy bear projects Elementary schools sometimes do. Send that rod to Missouri for seven different trout streams on seven different days!

  16. 18

    I’m thinking that this would be fun to have in hand when I am in Vermont this summer…

  17. 19

    I am sure the rod would love a journey to the PNW with a run through spring creeks near, sea run cutthroat down in the bottom of puget sound, and out to the Yakima – would be great fun during the Skwalla hatch that is getting ready to start any day. The rod and I would love to tweet about our time together in our beautiful corner of the country.

  18. 20
    Jim Simms says:

    Wow, what a concept to people to the craftsmanship of bamboo fly rods. I’ve used bamboo rods in the past, but probably not close to the quality of your rods. Over the years I have been a student of paraphernalia related to Flyfishing, and sharing what I have learned with others. Fly casting instruction is of particular importance to me, and I would look forward to critiquing and documenting the intangible and tactile casting/fish fighting abilities of this rod. Western PA has some of the east’s best trout streams and insect hatches and would be an ideal proving ground for a 5wt bamboo fly rod. Thank you for the opportunity.

  19. 21

    I’d love to be entered into this contest!! Never had the opportunity to fish a bamboo rod but have always wanted to. I’m sure this setup would be perfect for my trips to the Farmington river in CT and the W. branch of the deleware in NY!!!

  20. 22

    Wow! This is seriously awesome! I would love to be entered for the chance to win this opportunity to fish with this set up.

  21. 23

    Being one who typically likes fast-action graphite rods, I would love to take a walk on the other side and enjoy one of the finer things in life. Count me in, please!

  22. 24

    I’ve broken all sorts of rods in the past: fiberglass, graphite of all generations, plastic Snoopy rods. Why discriminate against bamboo?

  23. 30
    Scott Antonetti says:

    This is a truly epic opportunity to be a part of something that is both awesome and rare, count me in please.

  24. 31

    I just wet my pants. I’ll gladly pay shipping and endure the hardships of REQUIRED fishing. What’s the penalty for breaking it? I’d love to take it down to the NFOW…buuuut, I do not wanna be that guy who ended the contest. :)

    Count me in. I’ll consider it a foster child! Great idea from both sides–OBN and FRR.

    • 32

      I’m thinking the penalty for breaking it…or worse…someone not sending it along to the next fly fisherman will be at least 10 lashes with a RIO Line in a public square followed by multiple facial piercings with barbed hooks.

      Just my thoughts on a bad case scenario ~

      I know, we ask a lot and the hardships associated with this giveaway–fishing– is tough to stomach. If everyone would like to beg out that’s no problem.

      I’m already green with envy over this rod and would gladly give it home, at my house =)

  25. 33
    Derrol Hammer says:

    I’m in – I know just the spot I’d like to try some bamboo in the foothills right in the center of California.

  26. 34
    Anthoy Nigro says:

    I’m In! That rod would do wonders on an Eastern Freestone here in Mass. Just think wild browns, huge brookies, an Eagle flying overhead, and that phenomenal trio being offered. I know some great runs and pools along the way, picturesque to say the least, with plenty of fish lined up to see that beautiful rod and MFC Reel! I just have to bring it to them, that’s the catch!
    Count me in for sponsoring the Rig for a week!

  27. 35
    Kristian says:

    Oh man! I’m currently in the trial and error stages of building my 1st Bamboo rod. I just got my planing form, Stanley no.9 planer and my Tonkin cane is already stripped. I’d LOVE to work this rod out for a week on the Land Lock Salmon run on the Connecticut river in Pittsburg, NH to see how it’s supposed to feel!
    Nailing some 2-3 lb Small Mouth in the Quebec Laurentians this summer wouldn’t be half bad either!
    Send ‘er up to Canada, EH!

  28. 36
    Dry Fly fanatic says:

    I think its a great idea and would love to take part in the project. Since 2007 I’ve guided the small streams and rivers of Rocky Mountain National Park here in Colorado. Cane rods are very popular in our area due to the fantastic dry fly fishing. Cutthroats and cane…..

  29. 37

    Holy CRAP! What a great concept and setup. I’d love to get in on this and honestly I am scared to death about using something that unique and beautiful. with my luck I would hook into a beast and something bad would happen. Maybe I’ll use it to catch bluegills just to be safe. Incredible.

  30. 39
    Brent Wilson says:

    Great idea. Please count me in!


  31. 40

    Send it down here to Austin TX for some exposure to great music, great BBQ,and the trout of the Guadalupe River, home to the largest Trout Unlimited chapter in the country!!

  32. 41

    Perfect for the March Brown hatch on the Yakima River..I’d be honored.

  33. 42
    Justin Hansen says:

    Great idea! Count me in!

  34. 43

    I’m in.
    I’m working under the assumption that most of you will be pursuing trout. I have some of the most beautiful and productive smallmouth rivers and creeks in Illinois all within an hour of my house. And one in the far northwest corner of Illinois where it would be a real treat to try this out. That is the perfect length and weight for around here.

    The rod is begging for variety and smallmouth bass eat Hawg-Browns and other trout as appetizers.

  35. 45

    PLEASE sign me up.

    This will be so cool

  36. 46

    I’m in if selected. That rod needs some mojo from the Battenkill round about Hendrickson time. Maybe a carp or two before it is to be sent onto the next fly flinger. Maybe a Great Lakes steelhead if not too late in the season. Let’s give this rod some history.

  37. 47


  38. 48

    Neither the video or “the rules” have deterred me. I’m defintely in!
    I just hope Mike (comment #41) doesn’t break it on a steelhead before the rest of us get a chance to play with it. I think we need to watch out for that one. ;)

  39. 49

    OBN keeps amazing us with unbelievable opportunities! Please count me in! I would love to review this sweet package. I know that I could get a Fish Tues.,Thurs. and Sat. in…no problem!

  40. 50

    This is an amazing opportunity. I especially like the moleskin journal traveling with the rod. I would love to be a part of this rod’s journey (and possibly the final owner).

  41. 51

    I am a big definitely “IN” on this one. Is it possible (if I were to win) that you route the rod geographically as to season? If it starts it’s journey in March it wouldn’t see water here. Not much it could do before May.

    • 52

      Once we’ve got our 15 fly fisherman picked I’ll switch into admin mode and get everyone’s input as to their seasons, timings, area and such. Like a puzzle, I’ll try to piece it together for the best results for everyone including those shipping costs.

  42. 53

    This would work out well here in Pennsylvania. I’m in for a truly unique opportunity!

  43. 54

    Holy Smokes! This one is going to be popular.

    Here is my piece of paper in the hat.

  44. 55

    Please put my name in the ring. Thanks so much for a great opportunity.


  45. 56

    This sounds terrible…..please, count me in on this terrible opportunity.

  46. 58
    Ron Easton says:

    Will give it a good Montana test on the local waters.

  47. 59

    Would love to have the opportunity to chase some local trout on this gem. Please count me in for Stage 1.

  48. 60

    I have fished many different excellent fly rods, but never bamboo. I would love to have the opportunity to fish this work of art and write about the experience. I could try it on some trout, and then if the weather cooperates before my week is up, some smallmouth on my home water. This is a fantastic idea! Good luck to all.

  49. 61
    Dave Cartner says:

    I would love an opportunity to fish this rod for a week or two. It would be put to good use on Vancouver islands finest streams and lakes. I look forward to this opportunity and would consider it an honor my fingers are crossed.

  50. 62

    I would love an opportunity to be a part of this unique and awesome part of fly fishing history!

  51. 63
    Rich Connors says:

    What a great idea! I’m becoming more & more interested in bamboo rods of late and would really like the opportunity to fish one first versus lawn casting as most of us usually do when shopping for a rod. Please consider me and thank you.

  52. 64

    I would love to try this rod out! I’ve never fished a bamboo rod.

  53. 65

    Great concept for a contest! I have had the distinct pleasure of casting Jason’s excellent rods so I’m in!

  54. 66
    James Kapptie says:

    I would Absolutely love to host the rods. My 11 year old and I would write a great story

  55. 67

    If my wife sees one more fly rod come to our doorstep…. Oh, what the hell. Count me in!

  56. 68

    Well I can’t NOT enter this one, even though I’m no fly fisherman!

  57. 69

    Sign me up. This looks like a great idea!! How about the 15 participants add flies to a traveling fly box that accompanies the journal?

  58. 71

    while I will be in Alaska and not very reliable at the time of this cool road show, and not really capable of entering I hope I could suggest a few of our friends across the pond, perhaps Ireland or scotland for a couple weeks.. get to show it some of its heritage.. I know we have many writers from over there- Brad

  59. 72

    Bamboo rods are old-fashioned and slow. So am I. Count me in.

  60. 73

    Fantastic. Please count me in.

  61. 74

    I’d be honored.

  62. 75

    Ill take the rod to the most sacred river I know …… I cant be blamed for a steelhead latching on!!!!

  63. 76

    This is awesome! I hope I get the chance to fish this rig and send it on it’s journey! So cool! Thanks to Fall River, OBN, and the sponsors…

  64. 77

    Holy Cannoli. Throw my name in the hat. This is an awesome idea.

  65. 78

    Wow, 76 comments already, that’s what I get for taking a day off!

    I’m in for sure! It would be an amazing experience to showcase this rod in some of the best brook trout, cutthroat trout, and tiger trout waters in the world, right here in my backyard! Hopefully my lucky streak can continue, I’m very stoked about this one! This is one of the best product/giveaway ideas I have ever seen! Thanks for the opportunity!

  66. 79

    I’m in – I’d like to introduce the rod to some northeast waters. I’ll try and put some pics in the journal as well.

  67. 80

    Oh yes! Please, please count me in for this. How exciting and what a great opportunity even for the 15 who get to try it out! Of course winning it would be all that and a bag of turkey flats!

  68. 81

    I would be a fool not to give this rod a good work out hear in the Driftless. Someday I will own a Bamboo, maybe this one is destined for me :) Great idea with the Journal too. Tight Lines. Count me in.

  69. 82


  70. 83

    Trout Grass all over again, nice!

  71. 84

    Count me in. I could do a blog post with video embedded about fishing the bamboo rod much like Roderick Haig-Brown once did while in a river he once waded. I’ve only cast a bamboo rod once for a very short period of time and would love to give it a test run.

    “God, but its wonderful to stand in the middle of a wild river with the stream tugging at your knees, joy singing in your heart & the line shooting out into the boiling water. There’s a sudden stop & flash and the reel gives line with a song.” Roderick Haig-Brown July 29, 1928

    This is a quote from Roderick’s unpublished diaries and is in a framed shadow box which also includes three flies of his design. The flies were tied by Van Egan, another Campbell River author, recently deceased. The framed quote is written below well known angling artist Richard Bunse’s scratchboard drawing of Roderick holding a prize salmon. The piece was bought for me by my parents many years ago at a steelhead society auction in Campbell River.

  72. 85
    Bud Smalley says:

    I’ll throw my hat in the ring.

  73. 86

    I’d love to be in on this, I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

  74. 87

    I’ve always wanted to try one out, but am afraid that they are too fragile. I could use a lesson in finesse and I feel having a rod like this would be the key!

  75. 88
    Pete Hawes says:

    Wow! What an interesting opportunity! Count me in!!!

  76. 89

    Are you kidding me? Sign me up. I would feel lucky just to fish it but then passing it along to others – talk about sharing the love. Great stuff, Im in!

  77. 90
    Wade Allen says:

    I have wanted to fish with one of these rods ever since I saw your booth at the East Idaho Fly Tying Expo last year. This would be a great experience to fish with one of these fly rods.

  78. 91

    and i almost missed this one….i’m in!

  79. 92

    This would be an awesome opportunity! (fingers crossed!)

  80. 93

    I would be CRAZY not to throw my name in the hat for this!!!

  81. 94

    Pick me!

  82. 95

    Please count me in. This sounds like a once in a life time kinda thing.

  83. 96

    Count me in, the chance to win a Bamboo Fly Rod couldn’t just blow by in.
    I had to enter!!!

  84. 97
    Jesse Golden says:

    I guess my other post didn’t post. I’m in. I can fish it here in New York up until May. After that I am retired from the Army and can try out some rainbows and cutthroat back in Idaho.

  85. 98

    I would love the chance to try this fly rod out on the trout in the Guadalupe River in Texas. As a builder myself, I can only imagine the amount of work that went into building this rod.

  86. 99

    Love the idea of a beautiful handmade rod that comes with a story shared by so many fly fishermen. Please accept my thanks for the opportunity to host this gift, to compose wry and witty entries in the diary that accompanies it, and to serenade it all at the end of the day with some old-timey music made by me and my friends. /Curtis, aka, BluePlanet Dad

  87. 100

    Well….I guess I am lucky number 100! Who knows, I just might be one of the 15. Hey…someone has to win it…right? I will make a bamboo day of it. Fish a tailwater in the morning, grab lunch and hit a mountain freestone in the afternoon. What an honor it would be to fish such a piece of art!

  88. 101

    Wow. Not sure what to say at the chance given here. I will toss my name in the hat but not sure the panfish I hunt will be enough to honor the craftsmanship in those rods. One thing for sure if I was chosen I will make sure some ‘gills come to the canoe with it. Thanks to all involved for the chance.

  89. 102

    Great rods accumulate stories and, eventually, lives of their own. Thinking of my grandfather’s old bamboo rod and an old automatic reel that brought me my first little brown. Looking at the many comments, this bamboo rod is gathering stories before it’s even drawn from it’s case. Well done! The New Hampshire chapter awaits. Count me in.

  90. 103
    Ashley Berard says:

    This is such a wonderful idea! This year will be the year that I fulfill my fly fishing dream and teach my daughter another great outdoor tradition in the state of Maine! Though this sport is new to us, we would be elated to able to host this rod on it’s journey! Thanks for the opportunity!


  91. 104

    I would love to be involved in this amazing program! Catching a fish on a bamboo rod is something I have always wanted to try.

  92. 105
    Brandon Collett says:

    Such an awesome idea! I’d love to stick some Utah trout with it!

  93. 106

    Thank you Jason and Julie for making this possible.

  94. 107

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMMENTS FOR STAGE 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Are now closed………..

  95. 108

    I missed the entry but am still excited to read about the adventures of the bamboo fly rod. Great idea.

  96. 109

    I never received my ice fishing traps I won. Can someone help?

  97. 110
    Jim Mann says:


  98. 111

    Is it too late to get in on this AWESOME offer? I’ve always wanted to fish with a bamboo rod!



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