June 28, 2016

OBN Friday Notes: 2/10

Around the Outdoor Blogger This Week: 

Outdoor Talk: Outdoor Contest: Winter Steelhead Giveaway

Outdoor Conservation: Sportsmen/women to chat live with Interior Secretary Salazar ~

Outdoor Blogging Outdoor Blogging Tips: I need your help! I’ve posted Share Time: Tips For New Outdoor Bloggers in Outdoor Blogging Tips and would love to gather up everyone’s advice for new Outdoor Bloggers.

Joe and I get a lot of email and one area is from people seeking advice on Outdoor Blogging. I’ll be compiling a couple of FAQ pages in the next couple of weeks and one will be for new bloggers. If you take a moment and contribute a piece of advice to the Outdoor Blogging FAQ, I’ll be sure to quote you! Thanks ~

From Bad Poncho

Outdoor Gear Reviews: The Unlucky Hunter reviewed the Lightload Towels here. He did a video review that is pretty cool so be sure to check it out and get yourself a set of Lightload towels for your Outdoor Excursions this year.

Bad Poncho Outdoors has also put the Lightload Towels to the test here. I’m loving all the uses everyone is coming up with for these handy towels and this review is full of ideas.

Quickfire Outdoor Interview: Be sure to check out the fantastic interview by The Adventures of Mother Nature

And put your name in the hat for the Tomahawk Jerky

And tell us your Outdoor Scary Story

Ok, that’s it for this week! 

I hope everyone had a great week and will enjoy an even better weekend. Take care…

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